Zuma Game Review By Solitaire

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Zuma game

The term solitaire is Latin” Solitarius” meaning lonely. A solitaire game is a game that requires only one player to play. It is a game you play all by yourself. Likewise, an online solitaire video game like the name suggests is an online game you play by electronically manipulating images. These images are produced by a computer program on a monitor or other display and you are playing it alone.

Zuma game which is a solitaire game can be played free on many websites. There are paid editions on platforms such as PDAs, android phones, and the iPod. Zuma has versions such as Zuma deluxe which is on Windows and Mac OS X version. It’s on Xbox as an Xbox live arcade and PlayStation Network download for PlayStation3.

Solitaire offers various interesting solitaire video games on their website of which “Zuma ball” a free online version of the legendary Zuma game is one of them.

Zuma ball is an awesome game that has 10levels. Although it’s an incredible game just 10level is limited for a game that should have been in chapters.
Like all Zuma game, It has a restricted ball chain that moves towards the end. You play the game by establishing a set of three or more balls and wipe them out. You repeat the effort and clear all the balls before it gets to the end of the chain.

The central purpose of playing the game is to remove all balls rolling around the screen in a given direction. Hit the balls to match three or more of the same kind to eliminate them. A shooter which points north is what is used to shoot the balls.

Your shooter shows different colors and your job is to find the right spot to complete the set. Therefore, you move horizontally at the bottom of the screen to achieve this.

In expanding your options, alternate your shooter’s color. If during your playing time you create a gap in the middle of the chain, this will cause the front part to move while the disconnected part doesn’t move until when connects back.
You can easily shoot outside of the chain region if a color you don’t want shows up on the shooter.

Zuma game

The total score is up cumulatively and if you lose a level you can always replay.
I like the creativity behind introducing pinball-like pieces which are awesome. Although they act as barriers, what the obstacles tell you is to watch out before you shoot. It adds a little bit of difficulty which is equally fun at the same time.
What makes the game more interesting is the part where you earn additional points at some particular points. In Zuma Ball, be aware of those numbers in a circle. You can increase your scores simply by shooting through those numbers.

The video game interface is top-notch even though simple. it’s desirable and makes it addictive. The calm effects all the colors have on the player is something worth mentioning.

In a situation whereby parents want to know if the game is appropriate for their kids, Zuma ball is the right choice. It doesn’t include violence or sexuality. It’s simple to play and even adults can find the game interesting.

Zuma ball sound compares to other similar games is pretty fine. The music blends the player into the game especially when you plugged your ears. I feel the music is only 2bars and it doesn’t loop well at the end of the second bar. I would like an adjustment in this aspect.
You can pause and start the game if you prefer to quit the site. Your game memory is stored already therefore, you can always proceed with a previous game or start a new one.
The right side of the game is where you can monitor your level and scores. Also, you can mute and unmute both the sound and music on the right side of the game.

With all these desirable characteristics, I think 10level for a Zuma game is short. Like I said earlier, chapters with delightful titles should be incorporated to spice the game up.

Even though the game has desirable graphics, I still wish the game can be more obvious to the eyes. The balls look tiny, even the barriers.

When trying to switch my shooter colors, it would be good to see the next color before I alternate. I might not even need the next ball.

A critical element of the game that also needs adjustment is the sluggish rolling of the balls on the chain. Also, the precision of the shooter needs to be there. The game speed should increase as the level increases.

In conclusion, Zuma game ball by Solitaire is a simple and fascinating game to play. I give the creator their credit for a good job even if there’s room for improvement. Have fun with Zuma ball.

Zuma game

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