Wp Tasty Pins Plugin Review: 6 Key Features To Boost Your Blog Traffic

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Tasty Pins review

If you are looking for a new pinterest strategy to improve your monthly view and boost your blog traffic? then you come to the right place!

Today, we are going to look at the new pinterest tool in the market called Wp Tasty Pins and why you should use this tool on your blog.

A lot of blogger have harness the power of Pinterest and are using Pinterest as their main source of traffic to their site. If you don’t want to be left behind, you need to start using pinterest on your blog to get traffic.

Install social sharing plugin on your blog does mean that you are going to get traffic from pinterest but it is the very first step you should take.

Another must have plugin that is crucial to your blog traffic through pinterest is called Wp Tasty Pins.

What is Wp Tasty Pins Plugin
Wp Tasty Pins plugin is a tool that is developed initially for wordpress food blogger but now every blogger can use this wordpress plugin to enhance and improve their pin.

Tasty pins was developed by the founder of a food blog called Pinch Of Yum. The founder was looking for a way to improve food blogger for Google seo. During that time, no other wp plugin was offering this functionality.

This force this founder to develop their own plugin called tasty pin, the tasty pin plugin help blogger in their pinterest marketing by helping them to:

  • Choose the right image to save to pinterest from their site.( Pinterest has its own image size that work best when you are trying to drive traffic to your blog and your pin image might not be ideal to your reader)
  • Make sure the image save to pinterest contains keyword to increase to your pin visibility.

Wp Tasty Pins Plugin Review: 6 Key Features To Boost Your Blog Traffic
Pinterest is a search engine site like Google but also has social media functionalities. This mean that you should treat Pinterest like Google and you will see the result within a month.

To improve your pin seo, you need to consider Wp Tasty Pins. But before you buying Wp Tasty Pins, I will share 6 key features of wp tasty pin plugin and why every blogger should stick with this plugin.

1. Pin Description
Pinterest favour pin with description because it increase the pin engagement rate and your blog traffic will also increase. Wp tasty pins makes it easy for you to add your pin description to your image. Make sure that you add your keyword and hashtags to your pin description.
Adding pin description using wp tasty pin is very easy and you don’t need to add any code.

2. Edit your alt text
Alt text help Google to understand what your image is all about.
When you save your image to your pinterest board and you have add your alt text as your description, you discover that your pin description will be different from your alt text.
Wp tasty pins plugin allow you to optimise your alt text to improve your pin on Google and Pinterest.

3. Disable Certain Image
A lot of blogger have image that are not suited for Pinterest. When a random user visit your site and share your article on Pinterest that can choose any image.
To avoid people pinning image that are not suited for Pinterest, you can disable certain image and force your Pinner to pin your preferred pin.

4. Hide Pin Image
If you don’t want your preferred image to appear on your blog post and your visitor can still pin the image on Pinterest, you can use a feature called Hide My Pin.
The feature is cool and very easy to implement. Once you upload your image to WordPress, Tasty Pins allow you to hide your pin.

5. Pin It Button
Pin It Button is a cool feature that you can also use on your blog. Though other plugin does the same function.
The pin it button makes it easier for people to pin your image very fast and seamlessly.
When you use tasty pins, your visitor pin could contain your pin description and alt text.

6. Does not affect site speed
The developer of wp tasty pin understand the effect of site speed on blog traffic and bounce rate.
With years of experience in blogging, wp tasty pin plugin is light weight and easy to install.

How much is wp tasty pins plugin
Wp tasty pins cost $29 per year and offer 15 days money back guarantee for you to check if you like the plugin or not. Their customer service are excellent to answer any questions you encounter when using wp tasty pin plugin.

The plugin is easy to set up without any coding skill, and your pinterest marketing will improve.

Key features of wp tasty pins plugin to boost your blog traffic

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