Wolfpoints Review: Is Wolfpoints Legit?

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Wolfpoints is an online company that claim it gives it user ability to make money online by doing survey and other task. But do they really pay.This is why this article will focus on whether people should work with wolfpoints.

Welcome to my wolfpoints review where we will do an in-depth analysis about wolfpoints and whether wolfpoints is scam or if wolfpoints is legit?

Different online companies are preying on unsuspecting people by claiming to be rewarding their member or promising the huge amount of money that is not possible. In this past few months there are more than three online companies trying this method.

Wolfpoints is like all this scam company preying on its user. They do not pay their member when they complete their tasks. The tasks vary from completing survey, download of application on Google play store, sharing of referral link to their follower on social media. This is a waste of time and resources that you can focus on other task that you will surely get paid.

The best way of making money faster is for you to start a blog, your blog though expensive to set up except if you wanted to use free platform like blogger, tumblr, wix and so on. Once you traffic increase in traffic, you can monetise your blog and recoup your investment. Think of your blog as a business and invest your time and money in maintaining your blog and watch as your blog revenue increases with time.

Wolfpoints is a data harvesting companies that sell their member data to third party user without their consent. Think of all those spam email you get every day, how do you think the sender got your email address. They reach out to this fake companies and the owner would sell your data for a price not more than $1 per member data.
Another way that wolfpoints make money is through cost per action ( CPA). Through cost per action, wolfpoints make $1 – $2 for every completed task by their member, while the reward they promise their member ranges from $5 – $10.

The task wolfpoints display on members dashboard is usually from third party company that are interested in harvesting people data.

In 2018, Facebook disclose that more than 87 millions user data have been “improperly shared” with Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm that worked with President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. What this means is that data harvesting is not limited to shady companies online and sometime big online company could also harvest its user data. To be on a safer side, you should only register your profile with companies with high reputation and do not disclose your bank details to any stranger as well.

Wolfpoints encourage its member to share their referral link to their follower and you get a 10% commission for life from your referrer earning. While this scheme can increase your earning on wolfpoints, social media and forum banned user who promote affiliate links. If you don’t want to lose your account, don’t promote affiliate links.

What is Wolfpoints?
Wolfpoints claim to be an online reward site that pay its member for every completed task. While you can make money on wolfpoints, which shows on your dashboard. The main challenge that you face as a member is when to withdraw your earning after working for days and meeting their condition for withdrawal.

Wolfpoints follow get paid to (got) model where user are rewarded with money by taking part in surveys, downloading apps, joining sponsored giveaways, trying out products and more. While there are legitimate get paid to model reward website, wolfpoints earning expectation is quite higher than the industry average and user cannot withdraw their earnings.

How much is wolfpoints worth?
Wolfpoints has it own currency that you can convert to dollars. One wolfpoints worth $0.01 and 100 wolfpoints is equal to $1. The wolfpoints earning is converted to dollars and you can withdraw your earning when you reach some certain conditions. You earn wolfpoints when you complete your daily task or refer new user where you can get 10% of your referral earning.

Wolfpoints Review: Is Wolfpoints Legit?
Now is time to check out why we think that wolfpoints is a scam and why you should avoid companies like them.

  • No name of the founder – Wolfpoints Review

The name of the founder of wolfpoints is very difficult for us to know. The name is shrouded in secrecy which is the very first red flag we notice. Successfully online companies show their owner name and sometimes their social media handler.

  • Wolfpoints do not pay their user at all – Wolfpoints Review

Legitimate gpt companies pay their user regularly and some user has turn this online way of making money as their side business. Wolfpoints do not pay their user at all, and are only interested in selling your personal data to third party user.

  • Fake Testimonies – Wolfpoints Review

Just like clout pay, wolfpoints use fake testimonies to convince new people to join their platform. They hire fake actors to claim that they make money through wolfpoints which is a lie. Another strategy they use is to reach out to bloggers to write positive review about their company in return they pay this bloggers. Read other review before you decide about joining any online making money platform.

Name: Wolfpoints
Web address: https://wolfpoints.com
Founder: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Age: April 2019

Wolfpoints Pros and Cons
Pro of using Wolfpoints
1. There is no benefits of using Wolfpoints
Cons of using Wolfpoints
1. Time wasting companies
2. Personal data are sold to third party user without owner consent.
3. Wolfpoints do not pay at all
4. No way of communicating with the owner.

If you are interested in getting money online, it is better that you avoid illegitimate companies, that are only interested in harvesting their member data. Wolfpoints do not pay it user at all and their user data are sold to third party user for their own personal gain, at the detriment of their member.

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