Why You Should Study English As an Additional Language

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Why You Should Study English As an Additional Language

Studying English as an additional language is a good way to help you gain new experiences, pick up new skills and also to have an advantage in a number of situations. There are heaps of benefits to picking up a new language in general, and so English could be the next best thing to learn. Here are some key reasons why English is great to learn as a second language.

Opens the door to new opportunities

Having a second language under your belt gives you a lot more opportunities in terms of studying in higher education and in future employment. They help well into the future where you can take up a job in English and also in your native language. Even in jobs across the world you may need English to be able to communicate with customers or other employees – a huge advantage for any hiring manager.

A multinational language to use

English is widely spoken across the world. It’s one of the most spoken languages out there and will often be used to get through to anyone across the world. Having that language in your back pocket can potentially get you out of lots of sticky situations, and even help you help others. It’s a language that’s going to always be relevant and important, just like the many other languages we speak on this planet.

It’s the global language of business
Performing business deals and negotiating is often done in English. For international schools and companies this would be a huge priority for them when it comes to deciding new talent and opportunities. If you’re able to speak English it will land you in good stead when it comes to business arrangements from all over the globe.

You can see how useful it can actually be when studying English language from a young age right up to when we’re older and wiser. Interested in trying out English? Explore a range of colleges and schools, or online courses, to see which one suits your needs.

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