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Social media is one of the most popular way of getting traffic to your blog, Instagram is one of the most highly engaging platform that blogger and influencer use to get traffic and making money online.

Due to high level of competition in getting follower, blogger and influencer rely on follow and unfollow trick to get follower and you should stop using this trick in getting follower because it is against Instagram community guidelines.

What is follow and unfollow trick?
Follow and unfollow trick is commonly use by new Instagram user to increase their followers and reduces the number of people they are following. It is also called mass following and the trick that this user implement involves:

  • Mass following of people around 50-200 per day.
  • Once the people they follow start following them, they quickly unfollow them using different mass following and follow applications.

Since user who use the follow and unfollow trick are influencer, they look at the follower of authority instragammers and follow their followers. The number of people they follow per day is usually between 50 – 200. Any number above this will lead to getting banned. Or finding user through hashtags and geo location.

How to detect if a user is using the follow and unfollow trick

It is very easy to spot any user using follow and unfollow trick, the number of engagement with their post is very low because they are not connected with their user and the number of follower is usually high compare to the number of user they are following. A user with 50,000 follower and following 1,500 user usually use the follow and unfollow trick. Brand looking for influencer can make use of application to analyse influencer follower. Popular application to use us hypeauditor to save you the time and resources.

Why do user use the follow and unfollow trick on Instagram
Instagram is one of the easiest way of making money online, all you have to do is:
High follower from 10,000 and high. Most influencer marketplace allows influencer with 10,000 followers to sign up. But you can also get paid gig with follower from 5,000.
Highly engaging: Brand looking for influencer are looking to increase their brand exposure or generate revenue through their campaign.

Once you have the required followers , all you have to do is join influencer marketplace to look for paid gig and you can join some Facebook group and reach out to brand directly to increase the amount you make.

Due to the fact that brand are looking for influencer with certain requirement, new influencer employed the follow and unfollow trick to increase their followers and join influencer marketplace.

4 Reason to stop using follow and unfollow trick
There are a lot of blogger and influencer encouraging new user to use follow and unfollow trick, you can search on Google for testimony and how Instagrammer used follow and unfollow trick. But this trick can destroy your brand when Instagram banned your account.

1. It is against Instagram community guidelines
According to Instagram community guidelines
“Help us stay spam-free by not artificially collecting likes, followers, or shares, posting repetitive comments or content, or repeatedly contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent”
Artificial collecting of follower using follow and unfollow trick is against their community guidelines and it can lead to your account being banned. Instagram also frown against using fake likes to boost user engagement.

Remember to read and understand their rules to prevent bad experience when you go contrary to their rules.

2. Your influencer credibility is at risk
Brand reach out to influencer with the hope that they can expose their brand to their followers, and eventually generate traffic or revenue through the campaign. Influencer that rely on using follow and unfollow trick will have high follower and the brand expect that you should be able to achieve their marketing plan through creating engaging post. But when you can’t deliver the result, your credibility is at risk and the dream of getting paid gig is reducing.

3. Low or no engagement

A lot of user that you acquire through follow and unfolow trick are not interested in your post and the rate of engagement will be low when compare to industry standard. But having low or no engagement, brand will not reach out to you for social media campaign because there are alot of tools in the market to monitor the engagement of influencer.

All the effort in gaining high follower is lost. Brand this day are now looking for micro influencer for their social media campaign because micro influencer though they have low follower compare to influencer using follow and unfollow trick. They have the highest engagement rate.

4. Follow and unfollow trick does not work again
Back in the days, influencer use the follow and unfollow trick to increase their followers but this trick won’t work again because most brand user tool to track how influencer acquire follower and a sudden spike in follower shows that you are using follow and unfollow trick or your follower are not.

To become a influencer, make sure that you acquire your follower by creating visual compelling post with hashtags to increase your post audience.

You can use Instagram scheduler tools to schedule your post. This tools gives you the opportunity to post 24/7 any where in the world. You can schedule up to a week of your post once a week. If you are always busy.


  1. The whole follow/unfollow thing is shooting yourself in the foot. IG users these days are savvy, and they know how to easily see who’s followed or unfollowed them. It can lead to you having a bad reputation.

  2. I agree with this point of view. I recently start to unfollow on my IG. Engagement should be my number one priority yet other account is worth to unfollow.

  3. It’s never something I did and honestly I hate when other bloggers do it. I think it’s a real setback in the long run. Great post and incite.

  4. Great info, I have a love and hate relationship with IG. I wish I had the energy to invest in it, but it is a black hole for me.


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