Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Start a Journal

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Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Start a Journal

A journal is a great place for your child to express their true thoughts and feelings within a safe space. There’s a lot of ways to help your child manage their mental health, while also helping your child with their general literacy skills. Primary schools in Cheltenham can help you understand why your child should keep a journal.

  • It will give them a lot more confidence in their writing abilities

While it shouldn’t be the key aspect of keeping a journal, your child will naturally learn how to read, write and highlight grammar mistakes. From a young age children often make mistakes with their writing and so keeping a journal will help them dump their words into a place where they won’t be judged. Slowly, over time, your child will be able to pick up where those errors have been made and how to improve from there.

  • It helps your child understand their emotions

Being able to understand emotions is a big part of how your child is able to handle their own reactions and feelings. In writing everyday in a journal, you’re able to work out how to handle your thoughts, recollect what happened, and change how they embrace these things when they happen next time. It’s a good way of helping your child learn to recognise how and what they’re feeling, and why.

  • A journal is a great way to express feelings

Much like understanding emotions, a journal can be a private and safe space to help your child learn about themselves. If there’s a space for your child to write these things down then they’ll be happier, more focused and motivated to look through their strengths and weaknesses. That helps your child manage their mental health and wellbeing in a better way – therefore making for a happier and healthier child.






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