Why You Must Stop Using Linktree

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Instagram is one of my go to social media application, the platform is filled with so many exciting people and you can’t go bore. But if you are a business owner or blogger, you are not using Instagram to while away your time but to increase your business audience, generate traffic to your landing page and convert this cold traffic to customers.

Instagram only allows it’s user to include only one link in their post or Smart bio. This could be hectic and time consuming, you need to include your landing page link, add sign up link in your post or new link of your blog post. Popular application that people use is linktree.

What is linktree?
What linktree does is that it allows you to add different links into one links. When user click on your link (the url of the link is linktree.ee/your name). This bring out all the links that you want your follower to see. This is an excellent idea to add multiple link in your post and ditch the Instagram idea of adding one link.

But Linktree is actually taking the traffic away from your site. When user click on your linktree link in your Instagram post or bio, it takes them to new landing page where all your link are shown to the visitor. Though it list all your link in one place, the click through rate is very low. The user that you should be getting for your business is being redirected to linktree landing page.

Imagine that you have added your blog link to linktree and you add the linktree URL to your bio. Let assume your URL is linktree.we/simplebusiness. When user click on the link, they are redirected to a landing page.

The landing page look like this:

You can add more link depending on the plan that you are on. The click though rate of visitor to your site is too low and the visitor that your site should be receiving from Instagram is lost.

There are a lost of people complaining that linktree is not working at the moment, as at the time of writing this post, linktree is down. Since last year linktree has been experiencing downtime ranging from a few minutes to weeks. The linktree URL you add to your bio should be replace with your website link because your visitor won’t be able to get access to your linktree landing page where you add your website link. This could be disastrous as your lose your site visitor due to inability to access your linktree landing page.

Another downside to using linktree is that you are just simply wasting your money, instagrammers would rely on linktree discover that their website is not getting any traffic from instragam at all and you will be spending up to $6 per month if you move to their paid plan. The paid plan allows you to customise the landing page to your taste.

What should I do to increase my blog traffic using Instagram

Instagram is a visual compelling platfom where you can post photo, video, infographic and meme. When your post is carefully curated, user are more likely to click on your link to know more about what you ate saying.

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1. Create high quality images

Online tools like Canva gives you to opportunity to create high quality images on the go for your Instagram post. You don’t need to have graphics designer skills before using this tool. The images are free to use or you can use paid image and template. Install Canva on your smartphone and create your next Instagram pics.

Canvas gives you a the best sizes of your image for Instagram, the size they choose is according to image specification that work best for Instagram.

2. Include hashtag in your post

A lot of user are searching new post using hashtags. Each hashtags search has a top sections for highly converting post and recent section for new post. Always include hashtags with high search volume to increase your post potential audience.

Instagram allow user to add up to 30 different hashtags in their post. If you are using a lot of hashtags, you can achieve a clean look by putting the hashtags in a comment, and starting that comment with five dots, each on their own line. This forces Instagram to collapse the comment.

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  1. Thanks. You did so good explaining all this. I’m not really into using Instagram to boost traffic but I’ll try to.

  2. This is such an interesting insight! I’ve never used Linktree and never really saw the appeal as my click-through rate is pretty good as it is. Thanks for sharing.
    El // Welsh Wanderer


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