What to Consider When Picking a Wedding Venue In NYC

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What to Consider When Picking a Wedding Venue In NYC

Weddings are very important days for a couple to be. The venue is the most crucial place when planning for a wedding since it is where your family and friends will celebrate with you the special day. Finding a perfect venue has proven to be difficult as one is faced with the problem of choosing from very many options. Wedding planners are very helpful since they can share with you top tips that will help you find your dream venue. Below are some of the best on how to choose a wedding venue that will be the best fit for you.

1.Talk to a wedding planner.

Planners are the right people to talk to before you start looking for your wedding venue. A planner will also help you in determining the space, time and the possible items you will require to transform the venue where you will hold your wedding.

2. Draft a budget

Stick to your budget before signing any contract with the venue. You might end up having no money left for that DJ you’ve been wanting to make your wedding the best ever. You should ask yourself whether the price of the venue is suitable for you. Don’t go for venues that you cannot afford since they will just waste your time and break your soul.

3. Availability of the venue

Choose a venue that is available on your wedding date. Always double check their availability to avoid any disappointment.

4. The holding capacity of the venue

Before deciding on a venue, check whether the venue’s capacity will fit your guests. You can visit the site and talk to the staff about the occupancy limits and emergency procedures to ensure you and your guests are safe.

5. The venue’s layout.

Choose a venue with a layout that fits your need. If you are intending to do a ceremony, cocktails and reception in the same venue, choose a venue with space for all the three. Most people that cannot afford a venue with a larger space to perfectly hold their numerous events recommend a “flip’’ where they can actually change the ceremony space into the reception according to plan. Some venues are versatile, while others are better for specific needs. Manhattan Penthouse on 5th is an exceptional event venue that hosts weddings and private events. It is one of the most unique event venues NYC has to offer.

5.Choose a venue at a convenient location.

If you might be planning to provide transportation for guests to a venue that is very remote, you can go ahead and select a venue of your choice. However, a centrally located venue that will be easily accessible by your guests at their cost either by walking or transportation. In the city, it is ideal to have some level of parking or public transport access near the venue.
Couples searching for a lavish wedding in NYC may find that Manhattan Penthouse is the ideal place. You and your guests will have an experience that you and your guests will never forget. This venue is convenient as it can mix both the traditional and the trendy, with outstanding features in the Reception Room and the Ballroom.

The Penthouse has impressive features; the reception Room has an excellent view of the famous Empire State Building. Manhattan Penthouse’s clients have continued to give good compliments of the friendly and professional services that are provided.

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