What Is Pinterest Marketing? How Can It Benefit Bloggers?

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Before 2010, pinning used to be a physical act. Pinning referred to pin notes on the fridge, the corkboard, or the planner nailed to your room or kitchen.

Today, when we hear about pinning a photo, we know that this means to pin images to a social network called “Pinterest”.Pinterest is a social media platform that focuses on sharing images just like Instagram, but the only difference here is that every pin can be linked back to your website or to your content. On the other hand, Instagram allows you to add a link only if you post an ad, which is paid by the way. In Pinterest, you can link all your posts and therefore it is more useful social media if you are looking for a solution that can drive traffic to your website or to your content.

I have heard that the internet connects people. But can you connect with everyone just by having an internet connection? The real thing is that the internet, along with social media platforms, connects people. But the main thing is with whom do you want to connect?

So if you are a blogger, the best platform for you is Pinterest management given that you can link all your pins to your blog. Based on stat, you can get 3 times more leads and an 80 per cent increase in the virality of your content using Pinterest over Twitter.

The following are some other benefits of using Pinterest marketing:

  • Pinterest syncs up with many social media apps that you currently use for your marketing according to your project scope.

  • You get endless inbound link opportunities.

  • Marketing that is targeted by niche.

The top 30 pinners are food, fashion, design, parenting, and wedding bloggers, and this is the reason for the spread of a misconception that Pinterest is a women’s paradise, and this is also somehow true as the majority of women here are more. But if brands like Walmart and Facebook are stalking Pinterest grounds for marketing interest, it seems like there is plenty of room for bloggers and startups. According to a study, each pin can drive up to 6 pageviews.

Therefore, if you wish to go for Pinterest marketing, here are some tips on how you can achieve this:

  1. Sign up for a business account:

If you really wish to see an impact, you should sign up for a free business account or if you already have an account, you should convert it into a business account.

Once you sign up for a business account and verify your website, you will get access to Pinterest analytics using which you can gather important information about your pin’s behaviour.

You can also apply rich pins, these pins have more information than regular pins. There are six types of pins from which you can choose according to your project objective , they are:

  • Movie

  • Article

  • Product

  • App

  • Recipe

  • Place

Each of the pins has its own special upgrades like real-time pricing or direct links to your website, etc.

  1. Importance of the first five pins:

Pinterest has a follower feed option. According to Pinterest, the first five pins you save each day will get prioritized distribution to your followers and they are shown in their feeds.

Pinterest will distribute your pins to a broader audience only if your followers engage with the first five pins that you save.

This simply means that you make sure that the first five pins that you like are linked to your blog so that you can receive the maximum traffic. If you are able to do so, the pins that your followers see and will engage to will definitely have your blog’s link and therefore you have a higher chance.

PS: According to Pinterest scheduling, each new day begins at 12 AM midnight.

  1. Engagement is the key to higher distribution:

Your goal is to reach as many people as you can. Therefore if you want your pin to reach more people, your pin must pass a barricade. The barricade is your followers.

Your pin will only reach a broader audience if your followers engage with your pin. For this, you should make sure that all your followers are active and are interested in your blog’s niche or your pin will not get the much-needed engagement rate to cross the barricade.

You should make sure that the pins that you save are high quality and are such that your audience is much more likely to engage. Therefore, your goals should be like this: high-quality pins = higher engagement on your pins = distribution to a broader audience.

  1. Importance of Keywords:

The basic of any blog is having important keywords and Pinterest works in the same way.

When someone searches for something on Pinterest, it will show them the result based on the keywords that you enter in your pin. You can make your pin more discoverable by adding keywords, both on and off Pinterest.

To get the highest discoverable and engagement rate include keywords in the following:

  • Blog post

  • Blog post’s title

  • Pin descriptions

  • Pinterest profile

  • Board descriptions

Choosing the keyword is up to you, therefore you should choose the keyword that will get the highest search, also it should be relevant and right.

  1. Save the most relevant board first:

The best thing that you can do is to save a pin to multiple relevant boards on your account. Different boards have different followers and thus you will have followers of different niches and this will help your different types of blogs to be surfaced and get higher engagement. This is the best practice that you should do during the Pinterest marketing.

However, as stated above, Pinterest works with keywords and you have to add keywords to your boards too. If your board contains a different keyword and your pin contains a different one, this will definitely result in less engagement. Therefore, you should save the pin to the most relevant board. The data is pulled from the board first, therefore saving in the most relevant board will help your pin to reach the broader audience.

  1. Focus on your copy description:

Each pin has a description below it that tells the reader what your pin is about. As a book is judged by its cover, your pin is judged by its description.

Generally, your blog title and a little description would be enough, just try to incorporate the main essence of your blog in the description. To really maximize your pin’s potential, your description should be:

  • Helpful

  • Detailed

  • Interesting

  • Actionable

To make it more attractive and informative, you can add text to the image. Don’t forget to mention the keywords in your description.

  1. Create a pin-worthy image:

The main focus of Pinterest is on the photos and this is what makes it alluring. But a simple image is not what will work. To get maximum engagement on your image, you have to optimize and you have to make it special.

There are two core areas where you should focus:

  • It has to be of the right size:

Pinterest favours vertical images and most of the Pinterest users use Pinterest on mobile devices, therefore you should use a photo of 2:3 or 4:5 ratio.

  • The image should be stunning:

The image should have vibrant colours, contextual background, and should be light. Keep branding and brand logos to minimal and you should ensure that you post a high-quality image.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Just getting started with Pinterest so this is very helpful. Still stumbling around but now I know why certain things do and don’t take off.


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