Understanding Your Child’s School Curriculum

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School Curriculum

A child’s school curriculum is really important to be aware of and follow as they get through each year. School will continue to become more challenging as time goes on, so it’s important to help your child as best you can with the resources and guidance to support them throughout their studies.

To help understand your child’s school curriculum better, here are some tips to try from this prep school in Surrey.

Conversations with teachers

The most obvious way to keep in the loop will be conversations with your child’s teachers to see what they’re learning. Throughout the key stages in education, your child will be developing their skills in speech, writing and maths skills. As your child progresses however, they will be developing these foundation skills even further and reaching into specified subjects.

Parents’ evenings and individual chats with teachers will help you keep in the loop with their progress. Be aware of how your child manages in primary school before heading to secondary school; your child will see the jump in the challenge when they head to high school so they need to be prepared.

Be aware of future exams

When your child reaches the latter stages of their studies there are going to be a host of exams to be prepared for. Information on this can be found on school websites, school curriculum information on the government websites, and exam board websites. The curriculums taught in schools will all have a similar layout, and even the beginning stages of a child’s journey start at toddler age.

Discuss studying options with other parents

Your neighbours who have kids will probably be going to the same school as your child and it’s wise to keep in the loop with how they’re getting on. Parents of other children can give you insight on the things being taught in lessons that you may not be aware of, and can help your child get a new perspective on what they’re learning.

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