The Benefits of Sports in Schools

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Aside from the obvious physical benefits of participating in sports, sporting activities provide emotional and mental health advantages for children, as well as the opportunity to enhance social skills and self-esteem. Making sports a part of children’s lives from an early age is a good idea so they can reap sports benefits for a long time, which is why they start PE lessons at school from a young age. Read for some more information on the benefits of sports in schools from a preparatory school in Kent.

Increased confidence

Taking part in sports gives children the opportunity to explore their capabilities and receive praise for their efforts from coaches or team members, and their parents or caregivers. Working as part of a team where each member has a specific role to play helps children feel important and that their contributions matter, and gives them a sense of pride when they score a goal for their team or contribute in some other way to achieve a shared objective. They also learn how to receive constructive feedback on their performance and work on any weaknesses with a positive mindset.

Good mental health

Participating in sports gives children a healthy outlet for uncomfortable or difficult emotions, like anger, frustration and sadness. They learn to channel their feelings into the sport, rather than keeping everything inside or losing control. The endorphins released during physical activity also help keep children level-headed and feeling well mentally, and they might develop a passion for a particular sport which will give them a lot of joy. Through sports children learn to stay focused to achieve a goal, rather than giving in to distractions, and the sense of pride they feel upon reaching that goal will boost their overall mental health.

Social skills

If your child takes part in team sports, they’ll get the opportunity to interact with other children outside of their normal social circle, and working as a team will improve their communication and interpersonal skills. It will also teach them about accountability and responsibility, and owning up to and rectifying any mistakes they make which affect the team. Children also learn to take instructions and directions from a coach, which enhances their listening and concentration skills.

As you can see, taking part in sports has many mental, emotional and social benefits, while also keeping children physically fit and healthy. The most important thing though is to ensure children really enjoy the sports they’re participating in.

Do you have any other benefits of sports in schools for children, let us know in the comment section below!

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