The Benefits of Forest School for Children

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The Benefits of Forest School for Children

Outdoor learning has been recognised for its profound impact on child health and development which is why many schools have made it their core focus and branded themselves as “forest schools”. To learn more about them and how they are different to ordinary schools, we teamed up with one that filled us in.

  • Mental Health

Being outdoors has this way of calming us and it’s supposedly the colour green. The pigment in the lush grass and leafy trees makes us feel less anxious and at peace. A study comparing children that spent differing amounts of time outdoors found that those that spent more time learning and engaging in the outside world, were more likely to present fewer signs of anxiety.

  • Physical Activity

Aside from that, there is so much more space for children to explore and they can run around freely. Classrooms are much more confined and lesson plans are limited due to health and safety. Just being able to move around can help children with their physical health as they move their joints.

  • Gross Motor Skills

Also, the environment provides plenty of opportunities for children to work on their gross motor skills. They can climb, run, jump and a whole lot more, helping them to build physical strength.

  • Problem Solving

A big part of outdoor learning is self-discovery. Children learn about the natural world through their interactions and encounter problems that they must work through using their problem-solving skills.

  • Friendships

Outdoor learning also lends itself to group working. Children have the opportunity to work with their peers on tasks which can help them in forming stronger relationships and developing friendships.

  • Kinaesthetic Learners

There is no set way of teaching children. They all learn through different means as we all have our own unique learning styles. Some children are “kinaesthetic”, meaning that they learn through hands-on activities – something which outdoor learning caters to perfectly.

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