The 4 Best Web Services for Video Presentations

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In the era of total dominance of video content (thanks to YouTube), it is the video presentation option that makes it possible to talk about the object of presentation in the most favorable light: with high-quality sound, demonstrating the most powerful aspects and features through fascinating animation, becoming much more popular. Moreover, it is not necessary to begin your creation in some local program on your laptop. It is much more convenient and promising to use services that allow you to make online video presentations. And in our review, we will tell you about four such online resources.


The first service in which you can create your video presentation online will be
Actually, the main difference between the service and all subsequent ones is one (but very significant): in essence, it is not a service for creating animated presentations, but a full-fledged video editor (like Movavi or Wondershare). However, you do not need to install it on your PC!

Despite the fact that, technically, Wevideo is an online editor, creating video presentations in it is quite simple, interesting and effective. The fact is that this service, like all others, which will be discussed later, has a set of templates that allow you to create a sequence of animated slides with the meaning you need. That is, picking up a template, color scheme, starter splash screen and credits, you will receive a movie about your company, a promoted product, etc. with what you need.


The web address of the next participant in our review is This is no longer a video editor like WeVideo, because the main goal of the Prezi service is to create presentations. Presentations are created on the basis of existing templates, with the settings of which the user can “play” as he sees fit.
Even for a user with the most basic knowledge of working with a PC and the Internet, the task of creating your own presentation will not become an impossible task. Templates can be “filtered” by category, color scheme, or all at once. And the main “trick” of these templates is the ways of transitions between slides. It allows you to create an online colorful and high-quality presentation, but at the time of turning it into a video presentation, the separately installed screen capture software will be responsible for you.


FlexClip service is a good web utility for anyone who wants to create complex videos in a simplified way. It allows you to create an unlimited amount of videos, without the need for prior learning and with much more than acceptable results. Like the previous participants in this review, the FlexClip service will also allow you to create a video presentation by using a template.

So you just have to follow some very simple steps to create the videos based on predesigned templates that you can customize, without any problem. The templates have pre-designed transitions and the soundtrack is chosen in a music library with royalty-free themes. After you edit the video to your liking you can preview and post it. Remember that all videos in the free version of the program contain a FlexClip watermark.

Powtoon’s online service allows you to create high-quality animated presentations. Colorful templates and truly original animation are the strengths of this project. was established in 2012, and since then 500 large companies and more than 10 million users worldwide have taken advantage of its capabilities. Powtoon’s motto is “Everyone can animate.” And, indeed, the interface of the Internet service is designed so that the user does not have to get any additional experience to master working with him.

This web resource offers convenient tools for creating animated presentations not only to specialists who need to profitably and effectively present a product or project (for example, to marketers). A lot of templates for creating educational presentations, creative “performance” and others that do not have animation tools for marketing purposes are to the benefit of people from completely different activities.

Final words
We hope that this review of online services for creating video presentations will help you choose the tool that is suitable for all parameters, thanks to which your business, your teaching, creative and any other activity will become more colorful, efficient and vibrant. I wish you success!

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