Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

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Supporting Your Child During Exam Period

Exams are a good way to help your child reinforce their knowledge, opening new doors and preparing them for the next stage in their life. There’s immense pressure on students to do well and it can be difficult when juggling several different subjects at the same time. A private school in Cardiff shares advice on supporting your child during an exam period.

Getting Organised
Without organisation, it can be difficult for a child to know what to prioritise in terms of revision and make it impossible for them to find their course materials too. Start by finding a suitable place for study. This should be a room with optimal light, that is as noise-free as it gets and is a device-free zone. Binders can help to keep everything organised and together while a calendar can help them to count down to the day of their exam.

Emotional Support
Emotions can be high during exam season and it can all get a bit much. It’s with no surprise either. Exams place a lot of pressure on students, especially with a month or two of them booked back-to-back. This is where your child will need you to keep them sane. Reassure them by letting them know how proud you are and avoid setting high expectations. Remember to check in with them to see how they are feeling and offer moral support.

Without sufficient sleep, your child will not be able to recharge their batteries and will get burnt out. This can be disastrous before an exam as it can hinder their concentration and focus. Making sure that your child is organised will help them to plan out their revision well in advance so no last-minute cramming is needed the night before and they can sleep soundly.

We are what we eat and getting the right nutrients can help your child to feel full and energised throughout the day. While energy drinks might be tempting to take before a study session or an exam, your child will most likely experience what is known as a crash. To help, make sure that your child consumes all of their five a day, plenty of water and superfoods like oily fish that will help with their brain function.

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