Smart Dollars Club Review: Is Smart Dollars Club Legit?

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Welcome to smart dollars club review, in this review we are going to cover whether smart dollars club is a scam or is smart dollars club legit.

If you are interested in making money online, you might have heard about smart dollars club. If you are hearing about smart dollars club for the very first time and you decide to check out my blog’s smart dollars club review before investing your time and resources. You are in luck, because this article will help you decide whether smart dollars club is scam or not.

Making money online is possible if you invest your time and resources in building a legitimate online business. But there are also fake online business trying to rip off innocent people of their money by offering them huge and unrealistic earning potential.
Their website try to upsell their service by urging you to sign up for free or sometimes for a fee. Common phrase they include on their website is that anybody without any skill or education can make up to $500 a day with plenty of fake review. There are so many people offering fake review on Fiverr and their service is not limited to fake companies alone but also on Facebook, Amazon and so on.

What is smart dollars club?
Smart dollars club claim to be a survey platform where there members are opportunity to sign up for a survey and the reward is usually in a form of cash.

But do you really get paid after completing the survey.
The correct answer is NO.

All legitimate survey companies offer their member survey from $0.10 – $2 while fake online business like smart dollars club claim that it pays it member up to $150 per survey.

If you want to make online through participating in survey and opinion poll, you can join this legitimate companies:

  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox dollars
  • Prize Rebel
  • Vindale Research
  • MyPoints
  • OneOpinion
  • Panel Pay Day
  • Survey Junkie
  • Survey Club
  • VIP Voice
  • Pinecone Research
  • i-Say Panel

How Does Smart Dollars Club Work?
According to smart dollars club, it is very easy for you to join and partake in their daily survey with high amount of money as reward for you time.

Smart dollars club review

It is better for you to avoid fake survey sites like smart dollars club, because the whole set up is to scam innocent people by harvesting their data and selling the data to third party user without your consent.

Wait a second, do you think any legit survey and marketplace research will pay $100 per survey. Think of the number of people who will complete the survey and multiply the thousands of people with the reward prize of $100 – $300. If you really believe you can make money through fake survey, then you are the exact people that smart dollars club is looking for.

To further convince you that smart dollars club is only interested in your data, you can create a new email address and sign up with smart dollars club with the e-mail address.
Smart dollars club will send you an email asking you to confirm your email address and new survey offer to participate in.
If you are using your computer to browse and your anti virus software is up to date, when you click on the survey invitation.

Your anti virus will notify you of the danger in accessing the survey website. All the survey that smart dollars club sent you to participate in are from blacklisted or fake company websites.

If you pay attention, you will notice that there is no way for you to make money with thus survey from blacklisted websites. If a websites is offering $50 – $100, this means that the owner of the website should be able to hire professional web designer to design the website and follow Google guideline in search engine optimisation. But surprisingly, this fake website are full of spelling error and poorly designed.

Characteristics of fake online survey website
There are other fake online survey website. Most of this website change their website address by moving to new domain name.
1. Unrealistic earning potential for survey completed which is more than the industry price for survey.
2. Accept everybody for their survey, legitimate survey companies are looking for a specific audience for their survey and only select people who match their requirements. Fake survey companies are not looking for people opinion but are only interested in harvesting your data and selling the data for money to third party user.
3. Fake survey website are poorly designed with scantily clad ladies.
4. Company information is not include on their website for people to research about their business.
5. Poorly written content that is only focus on selling the idea that people can make money per survey.

Smart dollars Club Review
This part, we are going to check out for any red flags that can find about smart dollars club. If we miss out on other ted flags that you come across in smart dollars club review, you should let us know in the comment section and we are going to update our red flags to help innocent people not to fall into smart dollars club scam.

  • Unknown Founder – Smart dollars club review

One thing that is very common for fake online business is that the name of the founder is unknown, you try every available means to find out the founder name and the name is all hidden. Unlike other scam companies like My traffic business that the name of the founder is James Wendell, you can’t find any record of James Wendell and his unbelievable story about his life which is a lie.

  • Link to blacklisted websites – smart dollars club review

Once you join smart dollars club, you get regularly survey offer that you can participate in. The problem is that some of the websites are blacklisted and contains virus that can harm your computer and smartphone. A legitimate survey company will only accept survey from trusted website.

  • Sell your data to third party user – smart dollars club review

Legitimate survey company spend a lot of people in convincing people to join their platform and won’t sell your data to third party user. Even if they sold your data to third party user without your consent, you can sue the company because you know their physical location and founder.
Pros and cons of smart dollars club
Pros of smart dollars club

  1. There is no benefits of joining smart dollars club.

Cons of smart dollars club

  1. Smart dollars club sell your data to third party user.
  2. Their survey contains virus that can harm your website.
  3. Spam your email with fake payment and survey offer.
  4. Time wasting platform.

Name: Smart dollars club
Web address: ( it can redirect you to new domain name)
Founder: unknown
Location: unknown
Overall rating: 0/10
If you want to make money online, it is better you avoid smart dollars club. The program is only interested in harvesting your data and selling the data to third party user without your consent.

Interested in making money online, why not start your blog and invest the time you would have spent on smart dollars club on your blog. Once you blog traffic increases, you discover that it is very easy to make money online legitimately. You can join Google AdSense to monetise your new blog and join other advertising company when your monthly pageview increases.


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