Smart Bio For Instagram: How to grow blog traffic using Smart Bio

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Smart Bio For Instagram
If you are using Instagram for your blog, you discover the inability of adding your link on your Instagram account. The solution to this problem is Smart Bio.

Smart Bio for Instagram is a Instagram tool made by tailwind for blogger which allows them to add multiple link link your contact page, sales pages, business page and so on on your Instagram account. When people visit your Instagram profile, they can click on the link to visit your blog, thereby helping you to driving traffic to your blog from Instagram.

There are lot of tool for Instagram bio, and one of them is linktree, which I told you about in my previous post. But what makes Smart bio special is that, Smart bio is free to use at the moment.

Smart Bio For Instagram
Who is the owner of Smart bio
Smart bio is created by Tailwind App, The company also create Tailwind for Pinterest, this tool allow you to create and schedule multiple pins to different board.

Why you should use Smart Bio for Instagram
You can add multiple links to your Instagram profile
You can customize your links to your taste
You can schedule your link to Instagram through tailwind
Check your tailwind analytics for clicthrough rate and engagement

How to use Smart.Bio
Smart.Bio is very easy to set up on Instagram and if you are already using Tailwind for instagram, you can set your smart bio with just a few click on your computer.

Log in to your Tailwind account and add your Instagram account to your dashboard. You can also add Pinterest account to your Tailwind dashboard.
Scroll down to Insight and click on Smart.Bio
Add several links to feature on Instagram bio, you can add your blog link, social media profile, Etsy sites and lots more.

Smart.Bio is a wonderful tool that you can use to drive traffic to your blog from Instagram and the best part of Smart.Bio is that it is free. Create your blog today, by using domain name from Namecheap and start making money from your blog.

Smart Bio For Instagram

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