Protypers Review: Is Protypers Legit?

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Welcome to protypers review, where I will review protypers to check if the protypers is legit or not.

If you want to make money online, there are so many program that you can join and make money online very fast and easy. But not all this online companies are genuine.

Scammer create fake business owner promising their member quick rich model with doing anything at all. Other make their member to work and when it comes to withdrawing their money, you find it difficult to withdraw your earning to your bank account.

Forget all about what your read on their platform, with fake actors acting as member claiming that they have been paid using this fake online business. The actor are hire to convince new people to join and when you join and work for some time, you found out that you waste your time, energy and sometimes money.

This is why you must check out the positive review and negative about any online business before joining. Fake owner business are only looking for member personal data, that they would sell or also collect signing up fee.

What is Protypers?
Protypers is a website that pay its member for every captcha solved. This website is exactly like megatypers and both website does the same functions and is owned by the same owner.
When megatypers saw that they have more member than they can handle, the company decided to create a new website called protypers.

You can sign in with your megatypers details on protypers and begin to work on their platform. When megatypers was first started they usually pay on time but for the past few years, they are having problem paying their members and closing their member’s account over slight misunderstandings.
It is better that you avoid protypers for now and stick with legitimate way of making money online by working with genuine companies.

What is Captchas?
Captchas is an acronym for completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart. From the acronym captchas is a test to show whether the user is human or bot when accessing a website.

The test was introduced to prevent hackers and scammers from completing certain task on the website using bots. The introduction of captchas has prevent a lot of bad guys from conducting a lot of havoc on the internet.

To reduce the effect of captchas, has force a lot of people to start a captchas solving website where they employed a lot of people usually from third world countries to solve captchas for them.
Protypers and megatypers are part of captchas solving website. Other captchas solving website include:

  • Kolatibablo
  • CAPTCHA Club
  • Unity Wealth CAPTCHA
  • Unity Wealth 100

How does protypers make money
Hackers create bot to complete a lot of task a time, the task could be filling new form, brute attack on website, attack on server and so many more. All this type of work is usually black hat related.
To stop bots from acting as a human, captchas was introduced and has stop a lot of hacker from completing their task. It is very hard to bypass captchas using bots especially the image base captchas.

To solve captchas, hacker and spammer reach out to protypers to solve their captchas problem for them and protypers give the task to their member to perform.

How much do protypers pay for solving captchas
Generally speaking, making money from solving captchas is very hard and the job is tedious. It is better you stick to other money making model to increase your revenue.

  • Protyper pays its user for every 1,000 captchas solved $0.45 – $1.5. This means that you will be making $0.00045 – $0.0015 for one captchas solve.
  • The rate is also determined by the server time. Member who work at 14 server time make $1.5 while member who work when they server time is 3, will get $0.45.
  • Protypers cancel members account with low accuracy but in recent time, protypers cancel members account with considering their accuracy scores and people believe it is a system to avoid paying their user.
  • In addition to your estimated earning, protypers gives you 1 typer point if you solve 500 captchas correctly. One typed point is equal to 1 cent.

How to withdraw your earning
Protypers has its own requirements that you have to pass before you can withdraw your earning. The best part of protypers when they choose to pay their worker is via PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza, Western Union, Webmoney, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Though there are a lot of complaint about protypers not paying.

  • You must have 50 typer point which is equivalent to 50 cent.
  • Have a balance of $3.00 in your balance.
  • The minimum cash out through Western Union is $100.
  • Protypers will automatically process the payouts every Monday on reaching the payout Threshold.

Pros of protypers

  • Different payment processor to handle your withdrawal.
  • Free to join.
  • Make money easily within a minute of joining.

Cons of protypers

  • Bad review about their platform by other member.
  • Cancel members account without any consideration.
  • Need fast Tyler with high accuracy score.
  • Lack of privacy policy and terms and conditions page.
  • Low pay out for completed task. This is why they focus on people from third world country.
  • They decide whether to pay or not and there is nothing you can do.

Protypers Review

  • No name of the founder – Protypers review

The name of the founder of protypers is unknown. This is similar to other companies scamming people of their money. They do not include their name or location for you to review before joining.

  • Protypers select members to pay – protypers review

When protypers was started, they pay on time and their is no complaint about their service. Unfortunately protypers has adopted a new strategy of selecting members to pay at the end of the day. Forget about receiving your earning except you are lucky.

  • You are offering your service to scammer – protypers review

Solved captchas are use by hacker and scammer to cause havoc on website, server and so on. If you join protypers you are offering your service to hacker indirectly.
Name: Protypers
Web address:
Founder: unknown
Location: unknown
Overall rating: 1/10
Protypers encourage hackers to cause havoc to lot of people by solving captchas. If you join, you are indirectly working for the bad boys.


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  1. These sites that pay you for doing random online stuff… Let’s say it takes you 5 seconds to solve each captcha. To solve 1000 you need more that 80 hours. So basically you work full time for 10 days to get, maybe, 1$.

  2. I have never heard of this before. It’s so interesting how many of these random side gig jobs are out there, but also how hard they make you work just to earn a dime.

  3. Fascinating. I know about mturk on Amazon but hadn’t heard of this before. Interesting to learn more about what’s going on across the internet and how people can use it to take advantage of others.


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