Preparing Your Child for the School Bus

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Preparing Your Child for the School Bus

Riding the school bus for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience for a child. If they are moving schools and need to start taking one, any preparation that you can do with them will help. That might be to ride the bus alongside them for a short while before they feel comfortable enough and run through practical problems that they may encounter like delays and cancellations. For more tips, see the guidance shared with us below by a school in London.

  • Prepare for The Unexpected

So that they are not thrown off, you can run through possible situations that they may encounter while taking the bus to school. Situations like if the bus were to be running late or not show up at all. In these instances, they can use tools like their phone and a bus tracker app to inform both you and their school that they are running late.

  • Bus Safety

While on the school bus it is crucial that your child follows safety precautions. It is a moving vehicle that poses risks which is why there are aids to help you move along the school bus and stop buttons to notify the driver before reaching a stop.

  • Find a Buddy

A bus buddy can help make the journey to school less stressful and create time where they can relax as they socialise. You can help them to find one by speaking to other parents to see whether their children will be taking the same route.

  • Test Run

Practice can help children to get comfortable with taking the bus. They can learn the route by familiarising themselves with what they are able to see along the way and be less fearful.

Following these helpful school bus tips will prepare your child for school bus and ensure their safety when riding the school bus.


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