Phone Farming 2019 Technique

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If you are thinking of making money online, you need to consider phone farming. Though there are different technique that you can use in phone farming, this post would consider phone farming 2019 technique that is working correctly.

Phone farming is not a get rich quick scheme that you can make huge sum of money overnight, most of this get rich quick scheme are scam and you are wasting your time, money and effort trying this method. But if you are looking for genuine way of making money in 2019, you need to consider phone farming.

What is Phone farming?
Phone farming is a way of earning money by running application and website passively or semi – passively using different smartphones, tablet and computer. All you have to do is to running the application by completing the daily task using multiple phone at a time. You can start by using one smartphone and once you start making money from your phone, you can start buying second hand phones to run the application.

Instead of using your phone to browse the internet or play game all day, you can turn your phone to a money making side income using phone farming 2019 technique.

Phone farming technique was started by user of /r/beermoney subreddit, with phone farm you can use your old phone to complete task on this money making applications and website. The task could watching video, survey, and sweepstake.

How does phone farming work?

Generally, phone farming involves using multiple phone to complete daily task and you get rewarded after you complete the task. Once you understand the technique well very, you can make up to $100 a month.

  • Get a used smartphone preferably it is better you get an android device with operating system of up to 5. 1
  • Reliable internet connection and electricity.
  • Download money making application from Google play and register your account with them.

The reason while andriod phone is prefer is that some of this application do not support Apple operating system and you will be wasting your money buying second hand phones that you can’t use for phone farming.

How much can you make through phone farming 2019 technique
Phone farming application pay few pennies for every completed task and if you run this application for 24 hours, you can make up to $.50 – $1 a day. If you run this application for a whole one month, you can make up to $15 – $30 per month using one smartphone. When you now use multiple phone for phone farming you can make up to $300 a month. Imagine you are using 10 smartphone to run this money making application and when you calculate what you make in a month when you complete the task, you will discover that phone farming is a genuine way of making money online.

How do you get paid
Money making application paid their user through gift cards and PayPal. You can request for your money through this two method. If you want to convert your fund to bitcoin, you can use paxful and other marketplace to exchange your bitcoin with gift card.

Where to buy cheap smartphone
You need to have multiple phone before you can make money through phone farming, using one smartphone won’t give you much money as you will get from $10 – $50 a month after running the app every time. You need to invest money by buying used smartphone for cheap price.

  • Amazon – You can get any smartphone of your choice through Amazon, the best part is that you can invest the money you make from this application by withdrawing through Amazon gift card and using your gift card to purchase smartphone on Amazon.
  • Friend and Family – You can buy used phone from your family and friend for cheap, most people prefer using latest edition of smartphone and would discard their old phone by selling it for cheaper price.

Best phone farming applications
1. Swagbucks
The very first phone farming application is swagbucks, the applications is one of the most popular way that you can use to make money, the best part is that it pays up to $35 per survey. You can use your smartphone and computer to partake in their daily task.

Swagbucks give you $5 when you sign up and once you reach the maximum point for withdrawal you get paid through PayPal and gift cards.

Daily task include online shopping, watching videos and by taking surveys, the availability of daily task depends on your location. User living in USA and Canada get more daily task compare to other countries.

Final thoughts: Swagbucks is a legitimate applications that pay it user. You can also refer your friends and you get 10% of their earning. This a cool way to increase your monthly earning.

2. Inbox Dollars
When you sign up with inbox dollars you get a free $5 sign up. And you earn money by watching TV, taking surveys, shopping and cash offers. You can earn up to $50 a month by watching videos continuously. Check your progress every few hours and watch as your earning increase.

3. Perk Tv
Do you want to run multiple smartphone to make money watch TV? If the answer is yes, you need to consider perk tv. Perk tv gives it user 2-3 points for every video and advertisement that you watched, and 1000 perk tv points is equivalent to $1.

It usually takes 3-5 days for perk tv finalise the payment when user want to withdraw their earning and you get paid through Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash and Tim Horton gift cards.

4. Swagbucks LIVE
Swagbucks LIVE is the fun live trivia game show where you can earn cash just for playing and a grand prize if you answer all the questions correctly. You can get up to $1,000 a day if you get the all the answer correctly.

The application support both Android phone and Apple phone, download the application and register your account.

5. Panel App
Panel app is a slow earning app but when you combine it with other paying app, your monthly earning will be higher. The app reward it user when they complete a survey usually around your location and it favour user from USA. You can also refer your friend and you get a lifetime 10% of their earning and also $1 Amazon gift card.

Phone farming is another way that you can make money online without breaking a sweat. All the application listed above are free to join and you are sure of getting paid. Avoid sites that are promising high payout around $100 a day for phone farming because they are scammer.

Phone farming is a legal way of making money online. You are guaranteed that you will get paid for your time and effort.

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