survey of their customer offer a free survey for their customer to give feedback about their service and product. When you sign up for their free survey you can win free price.

Most customers love to gives feedback about the service of any particular companies or business but most business whether old or not, don’t listen to their customer feedback. Some companies use feedback to get what their customer wants but don’t implement the change in their service delivery.

This I why is different from other companies, Pandora listen want to hear your view about certain aspect of their business which you don’t like or the area that they are trying. gives the customer the opportunity to help their business to improve in their customer service delivery; this makes it easier for the business to improve an area where they are lagging behind. With word from your mouth you can change the aspect of their business you don’t like and you want them to change. And you are sure that they are listening and would implement the change in the business setup.

Pandora Listens Survey

  1. In order to start the survey, you must have a receipt of your purchase from the store.
  2. You can change the survey language to English language or French Language depending on the language you are comfortable with.
  3. After you finish the survey, you are eligible for the free


To the survey, you need to visit the customer feedback section on their website and input your 18 digit code that you can find on the receipt when you purchase a product from Pandora. Once they confirm your identity, it would lead to the survey page. And you completed the survey, you are eligible for the free offer.

Pandora is founder in 1982 and the headquarter is in Copenhagen Denmark, with more than 100 stores in 6 continent you can find their product in your location. You can check their website to check their store location and other important pages like data policy, disclaimer and so on. You can reach their customer service officer for further assistance on 888-556-9009



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