7 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes

The success of every digital marketer lies in the understanding of the platform that you want to use. Lack of understanding of this platform can lead to an unsuccessful marketing campaign and hinder the growth of your business. In this article, I will show you 7 biggest digital marketing mistakes and the step you can … Read more

Best Fishing Hashtags for Instagram

With the increase in the number of people using Instagram, it is increasingly hard for you to be noticed on Instagram. Add with the growth in the fishing industry. You need to add fishing hashtags to your marketing campaign to increase your exposure and eventually increase your revenue. Why You Should Add Fishing Hashtags If … Read more

Google Analytics for Beginners Answer

Google Analytics is a free platform that helps bloggers and website owners in website traffic analysis that tracks website traffic and performance. Compared to Google search console, where you can find the number of backlinks, click-through rate, and ranking position of your keywords in the SERP. Google analytics offers full resources where you can check … Read more

How to buy low ad from Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media site and as a result, one of the best platforms that digital marketers use in creating a marketing campaign to increase their customer business exposure and goal. The goal of every digital marketing is to buy low ad from Facebook and other social media site, but the problem is … Read more

Complete Pandoralistens.net survey of their customer

Pandoralistens.net offer a free survey for their customer to give feedback about their service and product. When you sign up for their free survey, you can win a free price. Most customers love to give feedback about the service of any particular company or business, but most businesses, whether old or not, don’t listen to … Read more

English 101 for Blogger

All new blogger has to understand English 101 if they plan to use the English Language on their blog. This is so easy for a blogger who comes from English native countries because they are so used to English in their communication, writing, and other day-to-day activities. But for other bloggers who comes from developing … Read more

7 Important Skill for SEO Expert in 2019

Search engine optimization expert is in demand at the moment; this is due to the frequent change in Google’s algorithm which leads to Google penalty some website which Google finds goes contrary to their guideline. If you are thinking of starting a career in SEO, there are important skills that you must have; this skill … Read more

Does Bluehost Charge Monthly?

I have already explained how to get started with your WordPress blog using Bluehost in my previous post today. I will talk about how Bluehost pricing works. This is because many prospective customers are confused about Bluehost pricing and does Bluehost charge per month. Bluehost standouts from the rest of other WordPress Hosting service provider … Read more

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