5 Great Outdoor Learning Activities For Children

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utdoor Learning Activities For Children
The great outdoor learning activities for children provides so many opportunities for children to not only learn about the natural world but also develop valuable life skills. Getting outside is also great for their mental wellbeing, and it’s a way to keep them entertained without costing anything. Here a boys’ school in London explores 5 outdoor activities you can do with your child to help them learn and hone their skills.


If you’re green-fingered, get your child involved in helping you tame the garden or plant some new seeds. Use it as an opportunity to teach them about what plants need to survive and grow, and about sustainability and growing your own food to minimise waste. They’ll also enhance their dexterity and fine motor skills by digging and using various tools, and they’ll probably love getting their hands dirty.

Bird watching

Challenge your child to research all the different bird species and spend a few hours observing in the garden and seeing which ones they can spot. They can tick them off a checklist and maybe even draw or paint the ones they see. Through this your child will learn about the different species and their habitats, and they’ll also develop their focus and concentration skills.

Nature art

If your child likes collecting things, why not encourage them to make some art out of the objects they collect; for example, they could create a collage out of different leaves and petals or use them to dip in some paint and make impressions on paper or card. They could also build sculptures using sticks and stones or make jewellery out of shells they find on the beach.

Bug hunt

Take your child for a walk in the woods or a field and challenge them to find different bugs like ants and ladybirds. They could create a checklist of all the bugs first and then see which ones they can find. This is a great opportunity for them to learn about habitats and how different bug species live in and contribute to natural ecosystems.

Science experiments

There are many simple science experiments you can do outdoors, like creating a rocket with a water bottle and making it fly by applying pressure or building a kite and taking it for a spin. Activities like these teach children scientific and engineering principles and bring them to life in an enjoyable way.

Children learn about the natural world simply by spending time in it, and outdoor activities like these help them develop skills that they can take back into the classroom and apply in everyday life.

Outdoor learning activities for children are fun and wonderful family activities that will improve your family bond.

Do you have any other fun and wonderful outdoor learning activities for children, let us know in the comment section below.

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