Optavia Review: Is Optavia Legit?

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Welcome to optavia review, where we are going to analysis whether optavia is scam or is optavia legit.

If you are reading this article, it means that you want to know more about optavia before joining their program. This is the best decision you make so far.
There are so many different online business offering their members opportunity to make money online, some of these companies are legit and other are just interested in scamming their members of their money.

The question on a lot people lips is whether they can create wealth and health at the same time. If you are also wondering if it is possible to make money by being healthy online, then this article is for you.

What is Optavia?
Optavia is a Multi level marketing (mlm) company that specialise in selling of health products. A look at the history of the company reveals that it was founded in 2017.

But is optavia founded in 2017 or rebranded to a new company?
For a lot of people involved in multi level marketing, you might have heard about a company called Take Shape For Life which was part of Medifast group.

Take Shape For Life was rebranded to optavia and is no more part of medifast group. Medifast is an America company that focus on weight loss and nutrition. The old website of take shape for life redirect new visitor to optavia website and the change in the rebranding of the company is not as a result if bad review and negative complaints.

The change in name of the company was as result of the moving away from medifast. This brings about a new change in thier marketing strategy.
Optavia offer a lot of healthy products for people to lose weight and can also make money when they sign up to be optavia health coach.
Though optavia is legit, they still have alot of complaints about their products and making money with their program.

Who can use Optavia
Optavia offer two excellent service for people to join. If you are interested in losing weight without any health concern and also make money along side your weight loss journey.

Losing weight is very difficult and most people plan on losing their weight but stop along the way due to stress involved. With optavia, it is so easier for you to lose weight healthily without any health concerns. Optavia food supplement are nutritious and effective in reducing the fat in your body.

You can also make money when you are losing weight when you sign up to be an health coach for Optavia. Though health coach is the leading cause of complaints due to lack of experience among Optavia coach. But if you can take your time to understand what weight loss is all about, it will be very easy for you to be an health coach.

Optavia Product
Optavia is not only offering people weight loss program but comes with supplement to help you live a better life.
Optavia supplement are scientifically produce to serve as meal replacement of solid foods that can increase your weight. The products comes in different form but when you stick to their program diet, you will lose weight healthily with any serious concern for your overall health.

is optavia legit

  • Nutritional Shakes
  • Soups
  • Bars
  • Pancakes

How to make money with Optavia
If you are reading this article, I am sure that you are interested in how to make money with optavia.
It is easier for you to make money with optavia than you know, the company focus on healthy way of losing weight and if you have use their products before, you can make money by being an health coach on optavia. Losing weight is very stressful and lonely and you need a partner or guide to help you in your journey. This is why optavia create the optavia health coach for people who want to lose weight.

To become optavia health coach is very easy, all you have to do is to visit optavia website and click on the health coach to apply.
The requirement is not that hard, and within few days at most you are now optavia health coach.
Reach out to your health coach, it is the person that refer you to optavia or choose your health coach on their website. You can use your zip code to find health coach in your location.

  • Join the Optavia distributor by buying the Optavia Business kits for $199. The business kit contains all the necessary training material that you need to become an Optavia health coach.
  • Take part in one day certification training by Optavia for health coaches in Villanova University, this is totally optional and you can skip this training.
  • Once you pay for your Optavia business kit, you are now Optavia health coach or marketer of their products. You can take part in Optavia Certification training or Optavia community to improve your skill in multi level marketing.

The next is for you to start marketing Optavia products, this is the major problem in Optavia marketing plan. Any body with $199 can become Optavia health coach with no requirement at all.
The so call health coaches don’t understand what Optavia products is all about and the benefits that you can derive from using optavia for weight loss.
Once you join Optavia health coach you can make money with optavia through three methods.
1. Optavia Health Coach
This is the very first method on how you can make money money with Optavia. When you joined Optavia health coach and you refer new members to join and purchase Optavia supplement, you get a percentage of the amount spent. This is similar to affiliate marketing where you are referring people to buy a products or services.
2. Optavia Business Coach
The next set of income available in Optavia is the business coach income. After spending some time on Optavia as a health coach, some of the people who bought their products might have become an health coach.
As a business coach, you have a group of health coach that you are mentoring to become Optavia business coach. You get higher percentage commission and more performance bonus when you become Optavia business coach.
3. Optavia Business Leader
Optavia business leader income is open to member who are regional director and their downline has advanced ranking. This is the last method that you can make money with Optavia and the income commission is highest with lot of performance bonuses for your accomplishments.

Four main component of Optavia
Optavia is divided into four main component that you should know before joining.
This main component are designed to help their members in creating wealth through health.

  • Health Coach
  • Habits of The Health System
  • Optavia Community
  • Fuelings or meal replacement

Pros and cons of Optavia
This chapter will focus on the pros and cons of optavia, I will explain what I like and hate about the Optavia.

Pros of Optavia

  • Optavia promote health living by encouraging people to sign up and lose weight in an healthy way.
  • 30 days money back guaranteed. If you purchase any of their meal replacement and you don’t like it. You can get your money back within 30 days of buying.
  • Legit company with track records of their business. The rebranding was done to streamline the marketing plan for more healthy people.

Cons of Optavia

  • Optavia is expensive to promote. Health coach is expected to pay $199 for business kit before they can join.
  • Meal replacements are expensive for a lot of people and health coaches are losing valuable commission due to not being able to convince people to buy because of their price tag.
  • Optavia health coaches are not making money with their program. Only a few are getting their paycheck every while the rest are still looking for people to buy meal replacement through their referral links.
  • Health coaches are not doctor who understand the science behind losing weight and can offer detailed information regarding weight loss.
  • Negative reviews of Optavia affect health coach in getting new customers.

Is Optavia a scam?
With a lot of fake companies selling their fake business idea to unsuspecting people, it is very surprising that Optavia is not scamming their members. It works as a multi level marketing where the more customers you turn to health coach, the more your income. It is very possible for you to make money with Optavia.
The only downside is that it is very expensive to join and meal replacement is quite high for a lot of people.
There is no complaints about health coach not getting paid on time, most of the complaints are from customers who want to get their money back using Optavia 30 days refund policy.

Name: Optavia
Web address: https://Optavia.com
Former name: Take Shape To Live
Founder: Dr. Wayne S. Anderson & Bradley T. Macdonald
Location: 100 International Drive, 18th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202 1.888 OPTAVIA
Type: Weight loss and meal replacement multi level marketing
Suitable: For people who are interested in losing weight and don’t mind the price.
Price: $199
Overall Rating: 4/10

Optavia is not a scam but a multi level marketing that is selling healthy products.


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