Notioncash Review: Another Scam in the market

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Today, I will be reviewing a money making app called notioncash.

A quick visit to their website will convinced a lot of young people to invest their time and effort in get quick cash but the main question is notion cash scam or or they really paying regularly.

Making money online is possible but there are a lot of companies preying on people by offering them huge cash amount of money which is scam. Imagine an unknown companies offering people to sign up with them and giving them free $25 for doing nothing other than sign up.

Most of this companies are scam, after you registered and completing some task, you find it difficult to withdraw your money.

They even find people to give them fake review and hire actor to do a video claiming that the company pays and urging other people to join. This is what the company called notioncash does. It offers free $25 when you sign up and a further $15 when you refer your friends and family.

If you are interested in making money online, it is better that you avoid notioncash and focus on other ways to making money online.

Blogging is one of the easiest of making money online, once you start your blog, you can make money easily by offering sponsored post, affiliate marketing, or Google AdSense on your blog.

You can also showcase your skill on online marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and so on. This marketplace have better security and prevent their worker from being scammed.

Who is the owner of notioncash?

Online company that are not in interested in scamming people, make it easier for people to know the name of the founder. You can remember popular online entrepreneur but with notioncash, you can’t find any reference to the name of the founder. Even blogger are including their name on their blog for people to know more about them but notioncash did not include the name of their founder.

The company did not have any picture of their founder on their website, this is a red flag when dealing with any online company.

Notioncash phone number is +1 (831) 246-6735 and their office is located at Notion Cash LLC. 420 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10170.

I search the phone number listed on their website and it shows that the area code belongs to California while their office address is located in New York. This is another red flag for a company that claim to be giving free $25 per sign up. You can also search their phone number to confirm.

Another red flag that I flag on their website is the office location, which is located at 420 Lexington Av New York, NY 10170. I search the office address and it shows that it a virtual office and not a physical office. Though a lot of startup are using virtual office, I prefer dealing with company that has a physical office than virtual office because it increase their credibility.

A lot of online scam are using the virtual office to perpetuate crime and the individual in charge of this website might not be living in that particular country.

Another fact that you have to consider before signing up with notioncash is the discrepancies on their website. Since a lot of online companies are using virtual office, and you are still interested in signing up because of the huge amount of money they are offering, you have to be very careful, read their terms and conditions and don’t give them your personal details.

Notioncash on their website claim that they have being in operating for the past three years and their team member have 12 years experience in social influencing. Notioncash was founded exactly on 12th/MAR/2019 and claim to have being in operation for the last three years. To show you that notion cash is scam, head over to prepostseo and check the date that the website was founded. You can also check other established website age.

Notioncash with no name of founder that people can check out if it is true or not claim that they have 12 years experience in social influencing, this discrepancies can fool a lot of people who are looking for fast cash or broke at the moment and can try any online companies without checking out if they are scam or not.

Is Notion cash using fake testimony
Positive testimony from user who have use company products or services has a way of increasing the conversion rate of new customers. What notion cash does is that it create a fake testimony of user who claim to have recieve money from notion cash. This testimony is usually fake and they hire fake actors to pretender as user. The actors they hired don’t even use their service to earn money.

There are a lot of other fake online company that use fake testimony to sway their user opinion and increase their user acquisition.

Are People Complaining About Notion Cash Scam?
A lot of people are complaining about notion cash scam on their social media account and forum, this has bought BBB to issue a complaint report about notion cash.

BBB warns consumers that potential scammers can set themselves up publicly as online marketing companies or influencer platforms in many variations. They have been known to solicit consumers to sign up for their programs to share links, refer friends, create videos, complete surveys or download apps and games to review, with the promise of being paid for doing so.

BBB urges consumers to check out any such companies online before signing up with sites that claim to conduct market research or surveys.

After completing your task on notion cash, the task could be to visit unsecured website or complete survey by adding your personal details. Notion cash ask you to filling your account information when you try to withdraw your earning.

This means that you waste your time and effort in completing the task and unscrupulous people have your bank details which they can exploit.

Notion cash review: Final thought
Notion cash are looking for people to scam by offering them huge amount of money per task. From their website notion cash claim that they have more than 185,000 members and when you multiply the number by $25 which they claim they pay per signing up, this means that an unknown company with no name of the founder has paid up to $4,600,000.

This is the first red flag to take note of. There are other red flags in their description, phone number and testimony.

Is Notioncash Scam?
The correct answer is YES. No company will pay you up to $200 an hour for sharing link, visiting website, and completing survey.

Quick Summary of Notion cash review
Name: Notion cash
Phone number: +1 (831) 246-6735
Location: NotionCash LLC. 420 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10170
Founder: Unknown
Website Age: 12th/MAR/2019
Web Address:
Email Address: [email protected]
Domain authority: 5

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