My Traffic Business Review: Is My Traffic Business Legit?

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Welcome to My traffic business review, where you get the full review of my traffic business.

If you always check online on how to make money online, you would have come across my traffic business, which claim that you can $500 Every Single Day, by just sending a few simple daily email. And the question on your lips is my traffic business legit or is my traffic business a scam?

The good news is that you come to the right place, where I will review my traffic business and point out red flags that you might not notice.

Before venturing on any online companies, it is better you search online for positive and negative review about the company. Do not trust most of the positive review, you read online because this online scammer reach out to bloggers to post fake positive review about their company. You found out after investing your money, time, and energy on this online companies, that the company is fake and you have been scammed.

If you are interested in making money online, there are so many platform that you can join. All the platform are legitimate and pay out on time. If you invest your time and money on legitimate company, you will discover that is very easy to make money online.

My Traffic Business Review
Name: My traffic business
Web address:
Founder: James Wendell
Location: Unknown
Price: $47 + Upsell
Overall Rating: 1/10

What is My Traffic Business?
A quick look at my traffic business website shows that my traffic business is a high ticket program where you pay $47 to join and training materials and make $500 a day when you write and send emails for just few hours a day.

When you multiply the earning potential by 30 days, my traffic business will be paying their members $15,000 a month.

The amount of money that my traffic business claim it member is making in a day is too much. The very first program which is my traffic business v 1.0 claim it member make $397 per day.

And now they have launch a new program call my traffic business v 2.0 where it claim it member make $500.

The very first program has a lot of complaints and bad negative review online, the question is why are they relaunching a new version if the company name is synonymous with scam?

The answer to your question is that while the first program had a lot of negative review, the owner was making money from unsuspecting people who sign up and pay the $47.

To further find new people to scam of their money, my traffic business relaunch a new version with claim that you can make $500 a day, doing nothing except sending a few e-mail.

Another particular strategy that the founder of my traffic business employ is the use of fake story about how he started from nothing and within few months, he has bought a new house, car and go on his dream vacation with his wife.

This strategy has been use by a lot of scammer, who are trying to show to their reader that they can make it big with a month without any skill at all.

This drive unsuspecting people to part way with their money and register on their platform. This strategy is not limited to online scammer but you can also fall victim to this of strategy in your day to day dealings.

Who is my traffic business for?
Every business has their target audience, that the owner is interested in dealing with. A company selling sport equipment will target people who are interested in sport.
My traffic business also has their own targeted audience that they are looking for.

If you are interested in getting rich over night without any skill in particular or you don’t have the time and resources to start your own personal online business. You are one of people that fake companies like my traffic business is looking for.
Another targeted audience is people who are gullible and believe every claim without making any review about the company.

It is better for you to avoid any quick rich business because they are most likely scam.

How do My Traffic Business Make Money
My traffic business does not make any money whereby they will pay their member who participate in the task of sending email daily.

The owner make his own money when people join his program. The price is sometimes reduced by 50% to attract new customers with fake promise of el dorado.

If you are interested in 1 on 1 section for VIP members, it will cost you $9.95 in addition to the money you pay to register on their platform. This way only the fake companies is making money through their member sign up fees.

What high ticket program does is that it attract its member with promise of huge amount of money for doing nothing. They ask their member to join for a price and ask them to sell a products for $2,000 and you get 50% bonus. The idea will attract you at first but do you think if any body will buy an unknown products for $2,000 from you.

At the end of the day, you discover you have lost your initial investment and you end up with unsellable products. Do you think if a company can sell his products for $2,000, will be looking for people to promote their offer and give the people 50% of the money.

There are few red flags that I discover on their website, which I will let you know in this review of my traffic business. If you notice any other red flags that I forgot, you should let me know.

  • No Location – My Traffic Business Review

One of the very first thing to notice about any online companies offering you huge amount of money for doing nothing is their location.
For a company, that its member is making $500 a day, it is very surprising that their location is unknown. The company can be located anywhere in the world especially in countries with weak law enforcement on cybercrime.
Though, other fake companies use virtual office to portray to their visitor that their company really exist. Which is all a lie.

  • Fake testimonies – My Traffic Business Review

If you trust my traffic business testimonies by different user, am sorry to tell you that the video is a fake. Scammer use the service of fake actors, which they can found easy on Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace, where actors can create fake video about any company without using their service before.
The fake testimonies from actors is easy for you to find out, because most of this actors endorse other fake companies and usually try to upsell the company service to their viewer.

  • Mystery Identity – My Traffic Business Review

A man called James Wendell claim to be the owner of my traffic business and he is the voice you hear in the video.
But when you search for the name, there is no record of any James Wendell creating my traffic business.
Another points to note is that there is no facts to back up James Wendell claim of starting out with nothing and turning to an instant millionaire overnight.
The picture of their website of James and his wife on a vacation is a stock picture.

  • Unrealistic Expectation – My Traffic Business Review

My traffic business claim it is paying out $500 a day for every member who participate in their sending of email.
Their business model is unknown on how they get the money where they pay out their member and is full of fake promise that is unrealistic.
They focus on selling their signing up fees, with fake claim of paying their member $500 a day.

Is My Traffic Business A Scam?
The correct answer is YES!
Other high ticket program like my traffic business is not legit and is trying to rip you off through their signing up fees.

You should avoid this program and make your findings before joining any online program.
Though there are other legit money making program that you can join, if you are interested in making money online.

Pro of my traffic business

  • There is no benefits that you can derive from using my traffic business.

Cons of my traffic business

  • Time wasting program.
  • Ripping off people through their signing up fee.
  • They can also sell your personal data to third party user without your consent.

It is better for you to avoid my traffic business and other high ticket program. The promise of getting rich quick, has bankrupt a lot of people and sometimes lead to suicide.

If you want to make money online, and you have tried a lot of fake companies and at the end of the day, you were scammed of your money. It is better for you to start a blog.
Blogging has help a lot of people to make money online and the best part is that you can withdraw your earning to your blog account.


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  1. I was on the phone today with a man Chad Reynolds of My Traffic Biz. He was explaining to me the infrastructure of the company and how it works and I was listening to his speel and half-heartedly accepting his BS. It was when he came to the investment part of his speech (AND THERE IT WAS)… The only way I would be successful was by “Capital Leverage” using MY credit card. He sweet talked and snaked his way around the conversation trying to convince me to INVEST TODAY…… And that is when I promptly hung up.


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