Kwfinder Affiliate Program Review

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Do you want to make money online without the fear of being scam? Or are you just looking for the best affiliate product to promote for your audience? If your answer is yes, then you are in luck because today, we are going to check out Kwfinder affiliate program review.

Kwfinder is an online tool for SEO and blogger which they use for their keyword researching. From the name kwfinder means keyword finder in full. You can get thousands of long tail keywords very fast with wasting your time.

What Do People Use Kwfinder For?
Kwfinder is a tool developed by Mangools for people to find long tail keywords which are very easy to rank for. Mangools also offer four other SEO tools in conjunction with kwfinder that you can use for all your SEO work. The tool developed by Mangools has increase the revenue of most blogger who have turn to Kwfinder for their keyword research.

  • KWFinder – This tool is mainly used for keyword research and is the most popular SEO tool developed by Mangools. You can find hundreds of long tail keywords in a seconds and use this keywords in your blog post to increase your chance of ranking in the first page on Google.
  • SERPChecker – The SERPChecker tool is used for analysing organic search results. SERP means Search Engine Result Page and the tool would reveal ranking position, domain authority and page authority of ranking URL.
  • SERPWatcher – Another tool that is useful for seo is SERPWatcher tool. The tool is use to tracking ranking position of keywords.
  • LinkMiner – If you like to check your blog indexed backlinks or competitor backlinks analysis, then you need to check out LinkMiner, which reveal every backlink indexed by Majestic.
  • SiteProfiler – The Siteprofiler tool is use for complete website analysis. You can use the tool to prepare report of website after your analysis. It shows the number of backlinks, domain authority and page authority, Search traffic and so on.

Difference Between Kwfinder affiliate and Mangools Affiliate
Both Kwfinder affiliate and Mangools affiliate are the same thing. While Kwfinder affiliate make money from customer who subscribe to Kwfinder product, Mangools affiliate are paid when they refer any customers to any of the five SEO tools.

Why Should I Join Kwfinder Affiliate Program

  • Easy Registration

If you have Mangools account, you can start promoting your affiliate link by looking for your referral link. While new affiliate can sign up and within few minutes, you can start promoting your affiliate link.

Mangools gives you opportunity to promote either Kwfinder or Mangools products or you can promote both.

  • 30% Recurring Commission

For every customer that subscribe to Mangools paid plan, you get a 30% recurring commission.

  • Promo Materials

Kwfinder provides affiliate with promotional material and referral link. Include the promo material and referral link in your blog post and start making money.

Kwfinder Affiliate Commission Rate
You will get a 30% LIFETIME (recurring) commission from each full price payment made by a referred user who register and then subscribe through the link with your unique affiliate ID. In case of a discounted price, the commission is reduced by the percentage amount of the discount. Kwfinder affiliate is an example of high ticket affiliate program.

Kwfinder Affiliate Commission Rate
Price Commission
Monthly Basic
$ 49.00
$ 14.70
Annual Premium
$ 478.80
$ 143.64
Annual Basic
$ 358.80
$ 107.64
Annual Agency
$ 958.80
$ 287.64
Monthly Premium
$ 69.00
$ 20.70
Monthly Agency
$ 129.00
$ 38.70
Total earnings per month:
$ 613.02

Pros Of Joining Kwfinder Affiliate

  1. No approval process, all you have to do is register and start promoting your link
  2. High and quick conversion rate with 67% of free subscriber upgrading to paid plan within 24 hours
  3. Free promotional material to choose from
  4. 30% lifetime commission rate
  5. The UI & UX of Mangools tools is surely one of the things that users love the most
  6. Free customer education for all affiliate and user to get the best out of Kwfinder

Cons of Kwfinder Affiliate

  1. Kwfinder pay their affiliate through Paypal, Which can be a stumbling block for affiliate in countries where PayPal is not supported
  2. There is no vetting process for affiliate
  3. Cookies are valid for 30 days
  4. The payment threshold of $150 is too high

How do Kwfinder pay its affiliate
The commissions are paid once a month via PayPal. You can request the payout upon reaching a minimum threshold of $150. Keep in mind that Mangools reserve the right to postpone the payout until at least two different users are referred to avoid self-referral.

Activities that can lead to ban
Coupon sites

  • PPC advertising with a direct link leading to any Mangools website (including all the tools and landing pages)
  • Using any Mangools brand, logo or name of the tools or their misspelled versions in PPC advertising, in domains, subdomains, or in profiles on social media
  • Using misleading or incorrect information (discounts, free trials, etc.)
  • Using discount coupons that are not assigned to you
  • Self-referrals
  • The restricted activities will lead to the disapproval of your affiliate commissions or the termination of the partnership.

Mangools affiliate or Kwfinder affiliate program is another way that you can make money online. Their high commission rate with recurring commission makes it the best affiliate program to join for newbies and established blogger.

If you join Mangools affiliate, you can promote Kwfinder tools to your followers. If you have any experience working with Mangools affiliate or Kwfinder affiliate, share your experiences in the comments section. Hope this Kwfinder affiliate program review help you to get started and start making money online.

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