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Welcome to review, in this article we are going to review kids earn cash to check whether kids earn cash is scam or kids earn cash is legit.

Don’t be disappointed when you enter and you are redirected to a new website. They new website is the same as but change their domain name to new domain name to hide their bad reputation and get new unsuspecting people to join. will redirect you to This article will also serve as cloutbucks review because they are the same company.

When new blogger are trying to start their blog, I always advise that they invest their time to checking out whether the domain name is bad or not. Black hat webmaster and data harvesting companies buy a lot of domain name for their work and when the domain name is blacklisted by Google and bad negative review, they simply move their business to new domain name.

When the domain expires, new blogger who don’t research about the domain name, will buy the domain name and will experience a lot of difficulty in their blog. Google might not crawl the blog due to the domain being blacklisted and impose heavy penalty to the new owner.

To avoid bad experience when you are starting your blog or website. Always make sure that you research about the domain before buying the domain name and using the domain for your blog.

What is
Kidsearncash was create to allow kids earn cash online by doing simple task. The company is a get paid to (gpt) and survey site where it members make $25 per sign up. A look at their website will reveal several ways to make money and with the total amount you can make on their website.

But the real question that you should be asking before joining kids earn cash is do kids earn cash pay it member or are they interested in harvesting your data and selling the data to third party user.

Legitimate companies pay their members but the momentary rewards is just a few cents or dollar at most. While fake companies that don’t have the fund to pay at all, will claim that their members are making a lot of money.

The only way of making money online is for you to render service online by looking for client to pay for your service. A lot of female with fashion sense can become a virtual personal stylist online and make cool money every month. Or you can start a blog, and become an authority in your niche with lots of readers.

How much can you make on
According to kidsearncash aka cloutbucks, you can make up to $500 a day on their platform by doing nothing a day except sharing of referral link and participating in survey.

It is also possible to make as much as you want because they amount you make on their platform won’t get to your bank account. This means that you just waste your time and resources with high chance that your data will be sold for profits.

To entice unsuspecting people to join, kidsearncash or cloutbucks show people unrealistic earning potential when you join their website.

  • Free $25 when you sign up on their website.
  • Sharing your referral link on social media will fetch you $10 when they sign up with your link and $2 for click on your referral link. Sharing of link of fake companies on your social media account can lead to being ban.
  • You get $25 when you complete a survey. The survey can be found on members dashboard.
  • Create a video and upload the video to YouTube promoting kidsearncash aka cloutbucks will fetch you another $50. The promotional video will be done before you can make a request to withdraw your earning and the video will be about how you make money with kids earn cash. Remember that you have not being paid and the video is to attract new people to join in their scam.

How do kids earn cash pay its member
“We pay our members to PayPal, CashApp, Western Union, Bank Transfer, mailed checks, and more!” This information is from or and is on their homepage to encourage you to join as soon as possible but this is all a lie. Once you reach your withdrawal threshold, kids earn cash would delete your account.

Due to the number of complaints and negative review, kids earn cash change it name to cloutbucks. And when people start notices cloutbucks scam. The would change to another name. This is why it is important to review any making money online websites especially the new one that is created to scam people of their money and sell member’s data to third party user.

Pros and Cons of kids earn cash or cloutbucks.
Pros of kids earn cash or cloutbucks.

  • There is nothing positive about kids earn cash.

Cons of kids earn cash or cloutbucks.

  • Sell member’s data to third party for a price.
  • Survey listed on their platform link to blacklisted websites that can harm your computer and also collects visitor data.
  • Time waster.

Kids earn cash review or cloutbucks review
We are going to review kids earn cash to look for red flags we found on their website. This review can be use for cloutbucks review as well. If we forgot any red flags which you notice in our review if kids earn cash, you should let us know in the comment section and we are going to update the article.

  • Unrealistic Earning – review

One thing that most scam company are looking for is to harvest members data and try to upsell their service to unsuspecting people to join by offering unrealistic earning. A lot of survey companies would pay its members few cents and dollars for participating in their survey but claim their members get $25 per survey. At the end of the day, would have make up to $500.

  • Fake Testimony – review

Kids earn cash website was created earlier this year and due to bad review, the website redirect to But one thing that is very common is the fake testimony on their website. Kids earn cash also encourage it members to post video about the wonderful website called kids earn cash to attract unsuspecting people for $50.
It also claim to have 185,000 follower and have paid $39.5 million for a website that was started in March 2019. You begin to wonder where they got the money from. All this is a lie.

  • Founder name is hidden – review

In their website, kids earn cash claim to have pay its members $39.5 million within 6 months of operation and when you check their website, their physical location and founder name is unknown. This is very hard to believe in this information age where people brag about their success online.
This method is similar to other fake company who create survey website to harvest and sell the data of the members to third party user.

Name: kidsearncash or cloutbucks
Web address: and it would redirect you to
Founder: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Type: Survey sites that would harvest its members data
Price: Free to join
Overall rating: 0/10

Verdict is created to harvest and sell it members data to third party user. The website is not legit and it is better you avoid dealing with aka and other similar fake companies.


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