Is Wix SEO Friendly? The Complete Guide

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One of the best website builders in the market is Wix; its unique selling point is that users can create any website without coding skills using their drag and drop features.

But over the years, Wix’s bad reputation in SEO has been a drawback to its features because many believe that the website built using Wix is not SEO friendly. In this post, we are going at is Wix SEO friendly and if the issue concerning Wix SEO friendly features has been resolved.

But this particular problem has been fixed, and webmaster using Wix doesn’t have anything to complain about.

This article will focus on all website builders’ key features that make them SEO friendly and if Wix has updated its framework to support SEO.

The difficulty webmaster faces when using Wix is because Wix adds codes to the URL of pages and posts. This feature is not SEO friendly. Instead of the standard URL of a website like, what Wix does is to /#!about/xis9 to the URL, and it becomes!about/xis9.

Another drawback to Wix is the unavailability of the alt attribute for images that you upload; this causes search engine robots not to crawl and index the images for keywords, thereby depriving you of website visitors from image search.

These two unique problems are why many webmasters avoid using Wix; Wix fixed the issue in 2016, but the bad reputation has forced webmasters to completely forget about Wix, even after they correct the anomaly.


Wix SEO Friendly Features

Wix can be used to build any website, from small business websites to blogs. The only downside is the bad reputation caused by the low ranking of the website, but this problem has been fixed. We consider the SEO features that are a must for every website.

  • Sitemap

If you are thinking of getting organic traffic from search engines, you need to create your sitemap and submit it to the search engine console. A sitemap is an XML file of your site that informs the search robot of pages that should crawl and index and pages that you don’t want to crawl and index. Without this sitemap, search robots won’t be able to find your website, and your dream of ranking well on the search engine is over.

Wix helps you generate an automatic sitemap for your website. Make sure that you submit the sitemap to the search engine console.

  • Title Page

The title page is where you add the title of your newly created post. Wix allows the user to customize the title page to their desire. Make sure that your title page contains the keyword you want to rank for. The title is displayed in the search result and the first thing that new visitors see when they enter your post, so creating a compelling title would make them read your post.

  • Optimized URL

You can optimize the URL when the title of your post is too long and you want to include the targeted keyword in the URL; Wix allows you to optimize your URL.

  • Heading Structure

Search engines crawl posts for the keyword by looking at h1, h2, h3, etc.; including keywords would enable search robots to crawl and index your keyword accurately. It is possible for webmasters using Wix to include keywords in their posts. This helps the search console understand your post better and gives you a better ranking position.

  • Meta Description

This is a small text display on the SERP alongside your blog post URL; this feature helps to increase the click-through rate. Wix allows the use of meta description of your post. Ensure that your meta description is well detailed and contains keywords to increase your click-through rate.

  • Alt Attribute For Image

Having an image on your post can benefit the reader because images explain better what your post is all about. A well-optimized image can be crucial to your ranking position because the robot would be able to crawl and index your image for keywords. This is

one of the main problems that users on Wix’s platform complain about, but in 2016 this issue on Wix SEO friendly features was rectified. You can now add alt text for the image on Wix and get a high ranking in image search.

  • SSL Certificate

Google ranks websites with SSL certificates higher than websites with no SSL certificate installed. SSL certificate is one of the metrics that determine your ranking position because they want to protect web visitors of their data. Another Wix SEO friendly features is that you can install an SSL certificate. If you have not done so, start today and see the result in the coming days.

  • 301 Redirect

If you have a new page and want to direct web visitors from the old page to the new page, you use 301 Redirect. This helps prevent broken links and maintain ranking position by passing the ranking position of the old page to the new page. Wix allows the use of 301 Redirect.

  • Mobile-friendly

Due to the release of the mobilegeddon update, Google now penalizes sites that are not mobile-friendly since the mobile user is on the rise, and there is the need for you to make your website mobile-friendly to avoid Google penalty and rank higher in the SERP for mobile searches. Wix’s website is mobile-friendly, if you don’t know how to make your website friendly, you can contact customer support.

  • Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a tool developed by Google that helps the webmaster get detailed results of their website ranking, keywords you rank for, click-through rate, and organic position. Wix allows the webmaster to connect their website with Google analytics.


Wix SEO friendly features has been upgraded, but most users on Wix still complain that they are not getting organic traffic at all, and if they are getting traffic from search engines, it is low.

Getting traffic from search engines involves time and patience. Search engines like Google are only interested in displaying high-quality results to user questions. If you are not getting traffic from search engines, it could be that:

The webmaster has not submitted the website’s sitemap to the search engine. The sitemap lists pages and posts that the search engine robot will crawl and index for keywords.

Poor keyword research about topics they are writing about can lead to ranking poorly in the SERP. Some keywords are easy for established sites with high domain authority to rank for, and there are long-tail keywords that new sites with low domain authority would rank.

The key to ranking higher is to go for a long-tail keyword with low competition.
Not adding keywords in an image’s alt text can also lead to low ranking. Wix has fixed the issue of alt text of the image, including the alt text, so Google can crawl and index your images to appear in image search on Google.

Low quality or duplicate content can also lead to a poor ranking in the SERP. Duplicated content spun from another website would rank lower than the original content. You can find outsource your blog content writing to freelancer on Fiverr to come up with high-quality content for your blog.

A website updated regularly with fresh content would rank higher than a website with old content. For example, look at the date the content appears on page 1 on Google and the date published. You will notice that the content is not old.
Google does not crawl and index posts with less than 300 words because it believes it is too thin.

Lack of keyword optimization in the post can also lead to low or no ranking for keywords. Ensure that your keywords are evenly distributed in the title tag, alt tag, h1, h2, and conclusion so that Google spider can crawl and index your post.

Low-quality backlink also plays a major part; a website with high domain authority would easily rank higher than a website with low domain authority. Build quality backlinks from an established site in your niche, and your domain authority will improve.

This factor is not limited to websites built using Wix but can also happen to other websites. Search engines want to serve their users with quality content. If they deem your content, not high quality, it would be hard to get any traffic to your website.


The issue concerning Wix SEO friendly has been resolved and the website built on this platform does not have to worry again. The bad reputation has been corrected, and you can be sure that if you follow all SEO guidelines, your website will get organic traffic.










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  1. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complex and very broad for
    me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the
    hang of it!

  2. Thanks for this useful article. I’ve only used Wix, so I have no basis for comparison with other blogging platforms. I only really started paying attention recently to SEO, but it does make a difference. It feels a little weird sometimes dancing to the tune of algorithms. I guess we should all get used to it. This is the future!

  3. My first blog was on wix and I find it very easy though not focusing on SEO at that time. Now, my blog is in WordPress, and with SEO, still a lot to learn.

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