Is Tailwind worth it? Must Read Guide Before Using Tailwind

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If you want to get fast traffic to your blog as a new blogger, the best social media platform to use is Pinterest. User can pin their post to different board manually or use an automated tools like Tailwind to schedule their pin. The online tools cost $15 a month, and most user are asking question like is tailwind worth it?

Starting a new blog is expensive, from the cost of host, to plugin and theme. Blogger spend quite a fortune before their blog look professional and getting traffic from Google is very difficult for new blogger. Google take some time before indexing and ranking new blog for keywords. And if you don’t research your keyword, you might end up targeting keywords with high difficulty score.

When you consider the cost of using tailwind every month for blog that is not generating any revenue, you begin to wonder is tailwind worth it at all.

When I start blogging, I read about this amazing social media that bloggers used in driving traffic to their blogs. After creating my pinterest business account and pinning manually for several month, I discovered that my pinterest pageview is just 2,000 a month and after using tailwind for a month, the pageview increases to 20,000 and my best month I got 100,000 pinterest page view.

Though there are other blogger who get good result from manually pinning to their board, the best result that works for me is when I use tailwind app.

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a social networking site that allow user to pin images to their board or other peoples board. This site is usually visual compelling and image that is high quality and well designed are more likely to be more popular and is expected to have a high impression and click through rate. The best feature of using this networking site is that it allow blogger, e-commerce site, photographer, designer and so on to display their products to millions of people. This help you to improve your pin exposure when other user save your pin and you can make money with WordPress through pinterest.

How to create Pinterest business account

  • To create your pinterest business account , all you have to do is sign up on their website. If you have a personal pinterest, you can also convert the pinterest account to a business account.
  • Fill your bio with keywords that is related to your niche, this make your account unique and a quick visit to your profile who let visitor know what your account is all about. This make you stand out from the rest and user when search for the keyword, your profile would show up thereby increasing your followers.
  • Create your board and make your board is seo-friendly by adding keywords and hashtags in your board description.
  • Claim your blog by adding pinterest code in your blog footer. You can use plugin like Yoast to adding the code.
  • After you claim your blog, the next step is apply for rich pin. I apply for rich pin and within a week, article rich pin was approve for my blog pin.

What is Tailwind?
Tailwind is a scheduling tools that allow its user to schedule their pin and recently allow you to schedule your post on Instagram. The tool offer a whole lot of functionalities to it’s user and it eliminate the need to be manually pinning.

Is Tailwind worth it? Must Read Guide Before Using Tailwind

Pinterest favours user that pin all day by increasing your pin exposure compare to user that only pin once or twice a day. The applications want it user to spend as much time as possible on its platform and blogger that are seriously considering pinterest as source of traffic, need to be active on pinterest.

A lot of bloggers are busy with their work and staying on pinterest 24/7 is not possible, this is why you need to use tailwind. The tool automatically pin to your board depending on the time you choose.

Another features of tailwind is that the application notify its user the best time that each board member are active, when you pin to the board during this time, your pin is exposed to more user.

Pinterest offers it user a free analytics to check thier progress, while user can access the pinterest analytic from their dashboard for free using tailwind profile insight.

From tailwind profile insight, user have ability to check:

  • Their total followers and the number of followers they acquire during a day or week.
  • The number of repin that their pin has been repin by other user.
  • The engagement rate of each pin that you shared to your followers. This give it user the ability to check the high performing pin and what make the pin to stand out, so that they can follow the step when creating new pin.
  • Board insight to check out the high performing board. This insight gives it user to avoid low performing board and target board with high engagement rate.
  • If you subscribe to their paid plan, you can use their website insight and organic traffic.

How to schedule your pin
The main selling point of tailwind is the ease at which user can schedule pin. You can schedule your pin right from your blog. All you need to do is to install tailwind extension on your web browser preferably Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Once you install the extension on your browser, you can scheduled your pin by click on the tailwind button on your browser. It opens a new tab in your browser where you can select the picture that you want to use, write your pin description and schedule your pin to different boards.

You can edit your timeslot to allow you to schedule as much pin as possible in a day.

Will Pinterest banned your account if you use tailwind
Pinterest partners with tailwind and approve the use of tailwind for scheduling your pin. What this means is that your account is safe as long as you are using tailwind and you are not stealing other user pin.

Tailwind Tribes
Tailwind tribes works like pinterest board, as it allows user to find other people pin to reshare. Tribes increase pin exposure because most of the user are actively pinning compare to boards where only few members are active. The tribes works by allowing you to add your pin and reshare other pins in the tribe to your board.
Tailwind allow you to join five tribes and you can increase your tribe membership by paying $10 a month.

Final Thought: Is Tailwind worth it?
Though there are few pinterest scheduling tools available in the market, tailwind is the best tool to automatically schedule your pin. It also offer free one month of using their application to check if the app is right for you or not.

Is tailwind worth it

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