Instagram Strategies For Travel Bloggers

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Instagram is one of the best platform for travel bloggers to showcase their blog post, pictures of the place they have been and a whole lot traffic can be generated to your blog. Popular way of being popular on Instagram is to follow instagram strategies for travel bloggers.

In this post, we are going to look at how you can use Instagram to drive traffic to your blog, increase your engagement level and also find sponsored post for your blog and Instagram.

First thing first, before you can become a travel blogger, you must be ready to travel to different states and countries. You can decide to focus on popular destination in your country or you can plan your calendar to allow you to travel anywhere in the world.

Starting a travel blog can be expensive when you consider the travel cost, staying in hotels and so on but when your blogger traffic increases, companies and brand would reach out to you and you can get paid.

Don’t be discourage if your blog traffic is low at the moment, you can still reach out to brand for sponsored post and ambassadorship.

How to start travel blog
Travel blog is one of the popular niche when it comes to blogging. The set up is just like every other blog in the market. The platform and the design you choose would vary but you can come up with your own unique template. Research about the design that other travel bloggers are using and you can find out if you like it or not.

Travel blog can use different blogging platform, I would recommend that you stick with WordPress because of the level of degree of customization it offers and it is SEO friendly to improve your chance of getting organic traffic from search engine.

Other blogging platform that you can choose from include:

  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Ghost
  • Tumblr

Instagram strategies for Travel Bloggers
Instagram is getting more difficult for blogger to get traffic to their blogs, the level of engagement is also reducing which makes it harder for you to get sponsored post on Instagram.

Instagram like pinterest is an image based social media platform, you can shared your pictures tto show to your followers, it also allow you to upload short video but is limited when compare to YouTube.

Travel bloggers need to implement different instagram strategies for their post to be visible to a lot of people and get better engagement rate.

Use hashtags in your post
Hashtags is another way that people search for pictures. This brings out a lot exposure to your post and the user are search for a specific tags are more likely to engage with your post.

Head over to display purposes to find a list of hashtags you can use in your post. It display up to 30 hashtags.

Popular hashtags that is useful for travel bloggers include:

  • Geo location hashtags – location hashtags have better exposure to your post, the user who search for this hashtags are most likely living in the location or planning to visit. Popular hashtags to use include #uk #thisislondon #londonlife #igerslondon #england #visitlondon #londoncity #london_only #timeoutlondon #londonpop #shutup_london #toplondonphoto #prettycitylondon #ilovelondon #london4all #londontown #lovelondon #prettylittlelondon #londres #londoner #unitedkingdom #londoncalling #londonforyou #lovegreatbritain #thelondonlifeinc #londonlive #qatar #london_enthusiast

When you include geo location hashtags in your post, there is high chance for local brands can find your pictures and can lead to your getting sponsored post.

  • General Hashtags – travel bloggers can include general hashtags in their post, this makes it easier for instagrammer to find your post. You can use this hashtags with your post to bring about more exposure and engagement.

#travelling #traveler #tourism #travelingram #igtravel #europe #traveller #travelblog #tourist #travelblogger #traveltheworld #roadtrip #instatraveling #instapassport #instago #여행 #outdoors #ocean #mytravelgram #traveladdict #world #hiking #lonelyplanet

When including five dots, be sure to paste your tags as a comment on your own post, rather than putting them in the caption. The dots cause Instagram to fold up your hashtag comment giving a cleaner appearance and a study conducted on the use of hashtags on Instagram find out that post with eleven hashtags or lower have better engagement.

Create high quality pictures
Creating any pictures won’t work with Instagram if the pictures is not high quality, Instagram and Pinterest favour post with high quality pictures. The pictures you posted will have better user engagement. Online tools like canva make it easy to design pictures that followed Instagram guideline and you don’t even need to know how to design before you can use this tool. Their drag and drop features makes it easy for you to design wide range of images for free.

Follow influencer and brands
Another way of increasing your exposure on Instagram is to follow fellow travel bloggers, influencer and brands. While influencer and blogger can repost your post thereby increasing your post exposure. Following brands can also help when finding sponsored post opportunities.

You can tag brand that you include your blog post on Instagram to let them know what you feel about their products and services and in return they could repost your post if they like it to their followers and can include you in the marketing campaign when looking for influencer.

Pictures that you share on Instagram must include your personal signature. This prevent other people from using your pictures for their personal gain and brand can reach out to you if they like the picture. You can add your personal signature using any photo editing software.

If you follow this instagram strategies for travel bloggers you discover an increase in your follower this is due to the fact that your pictures are getting exposed to more people and your engagement rate would increase as well.

Instagram Strategies For Travel Bloggers

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