How to Write a Killer Email Marketing Copy that Converts?

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How to Write a Killer Email Marketing Copy that Converts?

When we talk about email marketing, email copy is one of the critical determinants of whether a campaign will succeed or fail. The end goal of email marketing is to fuel the branding efforts and attract quality leads. Not everyone is master in creating an impeccable email copy, but one can learn the art of creating a good one.

You might have seen low open rates, clicks and very little conversions through your email campaigns. Ever wondered what might be missing? Do you need to change the style of writing the email? Here are some of the best tips to write a killer email marketing copy that converts.

1. K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple and Strong)
Once the subscribers open your email or click through to your landing page, there are only mere seconds to capture their attention. So, don’t use ‘technical jargon’, ‘market-speak’ or difficult words. Instead, write like you are talking to your friend. Keep the content powerful and to the point with easy to understand speech.

2. Make your Message More Scannable
Don’t overwhelm a reader with your marketing email. Avoid writing long paragraphs and providing too much information in an email. If you create an email design with punchy subheadings, numbered lists and small bites of useful information, it will help the subscribers to quickly read the information. And when you compliment it with relevant images to support your email copy, it can reach out to the hearts of the readers.
The sole purpose is to make your email copy more readable. Also, ensure that your email copy is mobile responsive for the readers who prefer opening their emails on mobile devices.

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3. Use “you” more than “we”
Keep your focus on the recipients of your email and target them rather than providing unnecessary information about the company. After all, people who have subscribed to your emails are more interested in seeing your products rather than company information. This means you should make use of customer-centric words like “you” rather than using “I”, “me”, “us” or “we”.

4. Talk about Benefits versus Features
You must write your emails in such a way that lets your prospects or customers know what is there for them. Talk about the benefits your products or services can deliver to them rather than simply talking about the features.

5. Align your Email Copy with Subject Line & Pre-Header
Writing a convincing email subject line to drive the email open rates as it is also a difficult job to get right. But once people have opened your email, make sure to follow through on what has been promised in the subject line. If you fail to do this, it may hurt the trust between you and your email subscribers. They might unsubscribe you immediately.
The preheader snippet of the text appearing right next to the subject line is another great opportunity to be utilized to drive more prospects and customers to open your emails. The preheader must compliment the subject line providing more valuable information that can draw the interest of the reader to click on it and open the complete email to read.

6. Know and Write for your Target Audience
You should carry out proper market research so that you can tailor the email marketing strategy nicely. It will help you understand your audience and what are their preferences. The key to email marketing success is the Content relevancy. Rather than sending blanket emails (sending the same email to your entire list), create segments for different contacts and target them according to their preferences. There are a number of email marketing automation tools that can help you to do so.

7. Make your CTA Hard-Hitting
When you are writing your email copy for promotional emails, landing pages, newsletters, websites or blogs, ensure that the CTA’s are placed at right place. Make use of words, that drive action such as “buy now”, “sign up”, “learn more” and many such words. Also, make sure that the calls to this text are redirected to relevant landing pages. There is no point of driving engagement to a page that is incapable of driving conversions.

8. Consider a Single Goal
Do not clutter the promotional emails and landing pages with multiple messaging for the users. This may confuse them or make your email marketing copy a junk. All your CTAs must lead to the same place. You should have a single goal in mind while writing the email copy. This will help you focus on it predominantly.

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9. Create Some Sense of Urgency
If you are sending a promotional email to your subscribers, couple it up with deadlines or bonus gifts that might expire after a certain time period. This creates a sense of urgency in the mind of customers and drives better conversions. When a customer/prospect knows that he/she might not be able to avail an offer after a certain date, it makes him/her to hurry.

10. Punctuate Sensibly
Be careful while punctuating your sentences. Poor use of punctuations might dilute a powerful messaging and overusing the punctuations might distract them. So, avoid using unnecessary punctuations, exclamations, Uppercase letters and emoticons in your email copy.

11. Proofread
Once you are set, it’s the time to proofread. I understand that you are a grammar nazi and can’t make errors, but your subscribers might think differently. It is always better to read your email copy twice or thrice before sending the final draft to your subscribers. You can email send your email to someone who can point out errors and correct them. This will ensure that a perfect email copy is sent to the prospect/customer.

The Bottom Line
Email marketing is a blessing in disguise if you are capable of handling it wisely. It not only helps in effective branding of your organization but also ensures that leads keep flowing through. Your messaging should be powerful, and you must use simple words wisely to gain traction to your emails. Writing an email copy is an art and you need to master it to drive conversions through your emails.

Author Bio: Deepak Sachdeva is a well renowned Internet Marketer and Digital Consultant at Dilvr. He Loves exploring new online marketing techniques and helping businesses build online brands. He likes writing on topics like Digital Marketing and Education.

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