How To Use Yoast SEO

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HOW TO USE YOAST SEO LIKE A PROEven after creating your blog on WordPress and has installed premium theme and plugin to improve your blog overall design. You still won’t get the needed organic traffic from search engine consoles like Google, Bing, or Yandex.

Search Engine needs to crawl and index your website to find new posts and keywords present in the post. Before search engine robot can visit your blog, you need to create your blog sitemap and submit the sitemap to search console. If you don’t know what sitemap is all about, you can read about it here.

But what if your post is not properly SEO in order to help search engine robot to understand your blog and find the keywords, you will notice that your blog ranking would be low compared with other blogs in the same niche.

The solution to this problem of on-page SEO is Yoast SEO, it is one of the most important plugin for WordPress user because it helps to increase your blog traffic, create sitemap, and the best part is it helps blogger to properly SEO the post to rank higher.

To get started, the very first step is to install and activate Yoast SEO on your WordPress blog.

  • Log in to your WordPress account, if you don’t know how to access your WordPress account, just add /wp-admin to your URL.
  • On your WordPress dashboard click on plugin It displays three options and click on Add new.
  • Search for the plugin that you want to install on your blog, type the plugin name or the plugin main function like SEO in the search box. Since you know the plugin that you want to install type Yoast SEO and click search.
  • Look for Yoast SEO and click on install button to install the plugin on your blog.
  • The next step is to activate the plugin and Yoast SEO would begin immediately.

Now that Yoast SEO has been installed and activated successfully, your next point of call is to use Yoast SEO to properly SEO your new post.

On your WordPress dashboard, go to new post to write new post that you want your website visitor to read. Your new post box would look the same except that Yoast would display a series of new features to help you.  Just go about your normal business and write wonderful title and content.

After you finish writing your post, scroll down and edit your post according to Yoast features. Yoast SEO displays green color which means that your post SEO is good and would be easy to rank in the SERP.

The very first feature that you need to configure is the snippet of your post.

Snippet is a short description of your post that search engine display alongside your post URL. You can edit the snippet to include the focus keyword that you are trying to rank in the search console. A well-written description of your post can increase your post-click-through rate on the search console.

Focus Keyword

The very first step to take before writing any post is keyword research. Keyword research helps you to know the keyword search volume and keyword difficulty. A properly keyword research would prevent writing for a keyword that is too difficult for you to rank. After finding the keyword that you want to rank for, write your post.

The next step is to look at keyword distribution of the focus keyword that you want to rank for, Yoast SEO helps you know if the focus keyword is well distributed or not.

Type the keyword that you want to rank for in the search engine and Yoast SEO would check the keyword distribution.

Page Analysis

It analyzes your post and suggests ways to improve your post, it shows different parts of post with different color to shows the area of your post where you need to improve.

Red color is a warning sign that would affect your page SEO. Implement the suggestion and the color change to green.

Yellow color shows that the part of your post that is okay.

Green color shows that the part of your post that is good.

Following Yoast SEO suggestion on your post would eventually show an overall green sign for your post and you should be sure of getting organic traffic to your blog.

I hope you now understand how to use Yoast SEO to make your blog properly SEO if you have any questions you can let us know in the comment box below.



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