How To Take Care Of Dreadlocks

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It takes time and effort for you to take care of dreadlocks and in this article, we are going to share with you how to take care of dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks also called locs is a natural hairstyle that is very popular black people, Many historians believe that dreadlocks were started in ancient Egypt while other people that it originated from India around 2500 BCE.

Dreadlocks is a symbol of spirituality, many ancient civilizations that the head is the doorway through which spirit leave the body and to preserve more energy in the body, the hair would be style to be locs. The religion angle of locs is now changing with more people rocking dreadlocks as a fashion statement and not as a result of religion believe.

How To Take Care Of Dreadlocks

Find A Good Loctician
A good loctician is a professional hairstylist which is important in the growing and maintenance of dreadlocks. A good politician will prescribe hair products that are suitable for your locs depending on the length of the locs and the strength of the locs.

Use Natural Hair Products For Your Locs
One major cause of damage to dreadlocks is the use of chemical-based products in maintaining the locs. Chemical-based products contain harmful residue which you should avoid at all costs. Ensure that the hair products you selected for your dreadlocks are natural based and you can also read the label of the product to be sure.

Wash Your Dreadlocks Regularly
Another important aspect of maintaining dreadlocks is washing of your dreadlocks regularly. Washing of your dreadlocks will remove dirt and excess oil in your locs. Make sure that you select natural based shampoo and hair conditioner to avoid the damages caused by chemical-based hair products. The rate at which you wash your dreadlocks depends on your lifestyle and personal choice.

Dry Your Dreadlocks
After washing your dreadlocks with natural-based products, the next step is for you to remove excess water present in the hair. You can squeeze out the excess water without any problem, all you have to do is to start at the root using your hand. You can also use microfiber towels to absorb any excess water present in the hair. Microfiber towels absorb more water faster compare to an average towels and won’t leave lint on your dreadlocks.

Moisture Your Scalp
Moisturizing your scalp help to increase the production of the scalp natural oil and prevent the breaking of loc due to hair dryness. Moisture your scalp by applying a leave-in conditioner to your dreadlocks.

Take Care Of Your Locs During Night
When you sleep, your dreadlocks shed a lot and you also lose moisture that is transferred from the dreadlocks to the pillow. To prevent the shedding of hair and the loose of moisture, you need to use a night scarf. Night scarf comes with different design and materials, you need to buy a night scarf in which you are very comfortable in.

There are so many ways that you can use to take care of dreadlocks, the most important thing is for you to regularly maintain your love.

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