How to Save a Decent Amount of Money on Groceries

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How to save a decent amount of money on groceries

Find out how to save a decent amount of money on groceries. The money you save every month can be diverted to other areas.

We all need to buy and eat food to survive. Food is one of the major necessities for all human beings. The cost of buying food is not constant; you can buy food products for a low price, and the next time you want to buy the same food in the market, the price could be doubled. Shoppers are looking for ways to save a decent amount of money on groceries.

It is reported that an average American spend $118 per week on food alone; the cost would increase or decrease depending on your taste. But this could be reduced. In this article, I will look at 5 ways to save a decent amount of money on groceries.

To reduce their budget, shoppers look at available food that is very cheap and could be unhealthy.

Unhealthy food leads to severe illness and disease, which could cost a lot of money on hospital bills. The money saved is lost in the long run. I will advise you to look at healthy food to eat and exercise to improve your health and general well-being.

How to Save a Decent Amount of Money on Groceries

If you find it challenging to stick to a budget and tend to overspend, here are 5 tips to help you save a decent amount of money on groceries.

1. Write down what you want to buy.

The first step is to write down what you want to buy. This reduces impulse buying, and you only get what you seriously need at the moment.

You can write it down on a sheet of paper or use a notepad on your phone. Another advantage of writing it down is that you won’t forget to buy the ingredients for your next meals.

Quick tips:

  • Write down your groceries list before going out.
  • Write down the products you want to replace immediately after the products are used up.
  • Write down your regular groceries, and you can change the product when you find a cheaper alternative in the market.
  • Shop online to get your grocery delivered to your doorstep.

2. Look out for weekly sale
Looking out for weekly sales to save a decent amount of money every week. Groceries store advertise their weekly sale on the radio, website, and local newspapers.

Quick tips:

  • Subscribe to your grocery store email list to get better deals.
  • Buy your food when there is a discount to reduce your cost.
  • Plan your meal according to weekly sale products.

3. Cook at home

Now that you have bought your groceries, the next step is to cook at home and avoid eating out. Eating out at a high-class restaurant cost a lot, and the money you save from cooking your meal can be invested.

Quick tips:

  • Avoid buying prepackaged food items. This is very expensive, and you can get cheaper and fresh groceries and cook your meal.
  • Avoid junk fast food products that you can prepare at home.
  • You can prepare your lunch at home and carry your food to work.
  • Avoid eating out at a restaurant; you can prepare your food at home.

4 . Buy store-brand item

Store brand item is cheaper compared to a known brand. Some people prefer buying an expensive popular brand item, and you can get the same high-quality food when you choose a store brand for a lower price.

Shop at groceries store that sells store-brand item because not every groceries store allow store-brand item. You can also use discount codes to reduce the price when buying a popular brand.

5. Avoid using credit cards when shopping

An average American spends $118 on groceries every week, and you can reduce the amount every week. Having $100-$120 cash can cover all your groceries need for a week.

Carrying cash to your store will reduce impulse buying because you can’t buy what is out of your range. But using a credit card makes impulse buying easier, and it can be difficult to keep up with your budget.

Following these 5 tips will help you save a decent amount of money every week. And the best part is that you are buying healthy food which is good for your body. Make sure that you look out for coupons and discount codes by joining a local groceries shopper group and forum.

18 thoughts on “How to Save a Decent Amount of Money on Groceries”

  1. Great tips. I found some great deals just by checking out the weekly sales. I also like your idea of just using cash!

  2. Great tips – I love seeing how much I save on a shopping trip. It’s like a shopping competition! These tips will make it even more fun!

  3. I don’t think we have quite the same weekly sales in the UK as the US but I do tend to base what types of fruit or veg I will get around what’s on offer (if it’s a type I’m able to eat whole or cut myself)

    There was something I once read, which is very true, that to eat healthily you must either spend money or time on the food; and unfortunately not all of us have the time (or ability due to illness and/or disabilities).

  4. I love how you encourage people to “actually” cook their meals. Junk food/processed food is full of terrible chemicals. I always stay to the outside isles in a grocery store

  5. I do groceries every weekend and this is such a great list to remind me. I usually look for items for sales on that week and yes, I cook almost 5 days at home and eat out on the weekends.

  6. Great tips on how to save on groceries! I like to have a list before going and make sure I eat something before heading out otherwise I will buy a lot of yummy but unnecessary and unhealthy stuff.

  7. Nnniiicceeee….I for one, always stick to “my list” that I have written down. And also, I always rethink and think again before I purchase something.

  8. These are great tips and will help reduce waste too by buying only what you need and shopping consciously so it’s a win-win all around!

  9. These are excellent tips on how to save on groceries. I check ut store flyers for deals. Once I have them, I find coupons to stack the sales with. Then I make a list and stick to it, otherwise it’s a disaster.

  10. This is such a good post to read as I find that I spend a lot of my money on grocery and tend to get things I don’t need so making a list is so important and this is something I am going to plan to follow next time.

  11. Thanks for sharing your tips! I try to do all the things you suggest, and it really makes a difference. There are certainly a lot of ways to save at the grocery store!


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