How to Prepare Your Child for Nursery

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Transitioning to nursery can be particularly challenging for some children as they leave their homely comforts and meet dozens of unfamiliar faces. While this can be a scary experience, there are several things that you can do with your child in preparation for their first day at nursery.

We have joined a nursery in Richmond to share tips on how to prepare your child for nursery.

  • Role Play

To familiarise your child with what nursery will be like, act out what they can expect. This might be saying goodbye, carrying out a register, getting them to open their own lunchbox or having to put their coat away. Rehearsing these activities can make it easier for your child to settle in and feel a little more relaxed on the day.

  • Transitioning to a New Bedtime Routine

To get your child settled into their new routine with ease, we recommend transitioning them to their new bedtime at least a week before starting nursery. This will allow your child time to settle into their new routine and avoid being late for school.

  • Nursery Stories

Children love listening to stories. A storybook that shares their favourite character’s experience of nursery school could help your child to better understand what will happen and even feel excited about their first day. A few good books that you might want to look out for are ‘George’s First Day at Playgroup’, ‘Pirate Pete I’m Starting Nursery’ and ‘Spot Loves Nursery’.

  • A Change in Behaviour

When children feel scared or anxious it can be hard for them to explain how and what they are feeling. Pay close attention to any non-verbal messages that your child displays. This can be being clingy, angry or behavioural regression where children that are potty trained experience toileting accidents.

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