How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

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How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

The fleeting motivation to study is something that a lot of children suffer with. Fighting the urge to play, surf social media and procrastinate in general is not easy but there are ways in which you can help. You can start by looking at what motivates them, tailoring your approach to teaching, and looking for more engaging means of doing so. Here we have some suggestions on how you can motivate your child to learn from an independent primary school in Cambridge.


  • Resources

Children all have their own ways of learning and these are referred to as learning styles. For some that involve hands-on activities like science practicals whilst for others, it involves drawing and creating something visual. There are 3 general learning styles that exist – kinaesthetic, auditory, and visual. Working out which your child has will help you to surround them with the right resources for studying, e.g. educational videos and podcasts.

  • Reinforce the Value of Education

Education holds the keys to success and can help your child to get closer to reaching their goals. Having conversations with them about its importance and how fortunate they are to be able to receive an education can open their eyes and help them learn to appreciate it more.

  • Make It Fun

School work doesn’t need to be boring. You can make it fun by looking for interactive online games that help to facilitate learning. Their interests are something that you can make use of too. You can incorporate them into the examples that you use to explain concepts and that way you’ll know that they’ll be focused.

  • Treats

Incentives go a long way when it comes to motivate your child to learn. It can also help you to raise them with a good worth ethic and to be less spoiled.

Following these tips will motivate your child to learn both at school and at home, and these will increase his/her academic performance.

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