How to make money with the merchandiser app

How to make money with the merchandiser app

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How to make money with the merchandiser appThe merchandiser app is a new app where you can make money online using your smartphone.
If you are seriously considering making money online that is legit, then you need to consider the merchandiser app.

The merchandiser app is created by survey giant, where you get paid for completing small task in local retail stores, such as inventory audits, product demos, merchandising, and resets.

The merchandiser app is available for download on both Google Play Store and IOS Apple Store and is only available in USA.

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Merchandiser App Requirements
1. Merchandiser app is only available in USA.
2. Ability to operate a smartphone either an Android smartphone or iOS smartphone.
3. Reliable means of transportation to move to different retail stores.
4. Strong communication skill is needed because sometime you are required to talk to staff and customer.
5. Ability to lift heavy stuff.

What Types of Gigs Can You Do?
The most common gigs include:
Product and promotional display audits
Restocking shelves
Placing stickers on items
Updating shelf tags
Setting up promotional displays
Demos and sampling events
Brand ambassador
New product sell-ins
How Will I Know What to Do?
Each gig comes with full instructions you review before doing the work. Depending on the gig, the instructions include definitions, picture examples, and videos.
Once you’re in the store, you complete the work by following the instructions and prompts in the app. All of the instructions are available in the app during your visit. If you have any issue concerning your gig, you can reach out to their customer service to sort out any issue.

How Do I Find Gigs?
You can find them in the app, in the Available list or map. We’ll also let you know about new opportunities.

How Do I Get Paid? And How Often?
Merchandiser have three pay periods each month. The company pays on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month. You can withdraw your earning to your PayPal account when you have a balance of $7.50 in your account. If your account balance hasn’t reach $7.50, your accumulated balance will roll over until the next payday

How does the merchandiser app works?
Head over to app store, download and install the app on your smartphone.
Register with your details and turn on your GPS location finder in the app. Merchandiser app use GPS location to find suitable jobs in your location.
Once there is a gig, you will be notified or you can search for gig on merchandiser app that you like to complete.
Each gig contain information like time frame to complete the gig and the amount of money you will earn.
Merchandiser Referral Program
The Merchandiser app has it’s own referral program where you can also make money by referring people to join the merchandiser app.
After you register on their platform, head over to refer a friend section to get your unique referral link.

Share your referral link to your friends and follower on social media. If people join through your referral link, you get 10% of the earning. If you referral complete a gig and is rewarded with $15 for the gig, you get $1.5 which is 10% of the gig.

You can track your referral bonuses on your payment center.

Can you make money with the merchandiser app
The merchandiser app is a legit company that pay its partner on time. You don’t have to worry about not getting paid in time. Merchandiser have three payment date this enable you withdraw your earning to your PayPal account thrice a month. If you don’t have up to $7.50 in your balance, your balance will roll over to the next payment date.How to make money with the merchandiser app


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