How To Make Money With Bluehost Affiliate Program


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HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH BLUEHOST AFFILIATEI have already covered the basic when it comes to setting up WordPress blog using Bluehost, but this is not the only benefits that blogger can derive from using and promoting Bluehost to their visitor and friends, the secret benefits is called Bluehost Affiliate Program. This article would focus on How to make money with Bluehost Affiliate Program, how blogger can join their affiliate program, withdrawing their earning, and how to improve their sales.

Bluehost Affiliate Program allows blogger who are using their products or affiliate marketer to promote their hosting service to their friends, family, and email list and pays you up to $65 for every sign up from your affiliate link.

Making money online from blogging is quite easy with popular bloggers turning their blog to a full-time job, with many making up to $10,000 per month which is quite huge considering the amount of time they spent on their blog and the amount of money they make from their blog.

Though staring a new blog definitely involves spending money for the domain name, hosting blog, professional email address, and the rest except you want to use free blogging platform which is not professional and can be shut down anytime if you go against their term and condition. You can easily recoup your investment after some month.

There are different ways that blogger can make money from their blog. Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored post, and selling their own product on their blog are some of the ways that blogger make money from their blog, however, of all the method listed above, the best methods with high return of investment is Affiliate marketing which involve spending little amount time.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to Pat Flynn, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of profits for each sale you make.

The whole process involves you finding the products that you like, and promoting the products to your website visitor, friends, and family. You earn a small commission when sales are made from your affiliate link. It is better that you find high-quality product or product that you have used before because your visitor trusts your judgment and will likely buy the same product.

When you join Bluehost affiliate program, they would provide you with relevant materials like banner and affiliate link that you will add to your blog, when your website visitor clicks on the banner or affiliate link, it leads them directly to the Bluehost main site, and if they make a purchase, you earn a commission from every sale.

How Much Does Bluehost Pay Its Affiliate?

Bluehost affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the market, they pay $65 commission for every sale they make from your affiliate link, and the amount you make depends on the amount of sale they make from your affiliate link.

Bluehost increase it commission for their affiliate to around $115 -$125 when the amount of sale they make from your affiliate is up to 20 per month. Imagine you make up to 20 sales per month from your affiliate link, they would be paying you around $2500 in a month which is huge considering the fact that the amount of time and energy you spent on affiliate marketing.

Though earning high amount of money from Bluehost affiliate program depend on the amount of website visitor that visit your blog in a month and how you display your affiliate link so visitor would be able to click on your affiliate link thereby making money from your blog.

If you have a blog with a steady amount of traffic then you can be sure that you can earn money from this program.

Bluehost Affiliate program pay a one-time payment to their affiliate, the total amount of money they earn from their customer is estimated to be from $25-$35 per customer, which is small, but they are so sure of their unbeatable  service that they know their customer would not stop using their hosting service after some time, but they are going to keep using Bluehost web hosting service for their blog, this gives them confidence that they are going to keep the customer for so many years, by that time they would have recouped their earlier investment( payment  of commission to their affiliate).

How to Join Bluehost Affiliate Program?

  • To join Bluehost Affiliate Program is easy, and it would just take few minutes of your time to join, head over to and look for the sign-up
  • Click on the sign-up button and input your detail like username, password, email address, and PayPal address to collect your money.
  • Bluehost would verify your application and if they approve your application, Bluehost will notice you via email.
  • After they approve your application, you can log in to your affiliate account, in the dashboard of your account you will get the necessary materials like banner and affiliate link that you need on your blog.
  • In the dashboard on your affiliate account, you can check the number of click (the visitor would visit Bluehost directly from your affiliate link) and the number of sales.

How to withdraw your Bluehost Affiliate Earnings?

After making a sale from your affiliate link, the next step is how to withdraw your money to your bank account. For the main time, Bluehost Affiliate Earnings can be withdrawn via:

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer

Bluehost at the main time do not support withdrawing your money to your Payoneer account which is too bad for blogger in countries that they do not support PayPal and new affiliate is required to provide his tax information.

How to increase your Bluehost Affiliate Earning?

The best way to increase your Bluehost Affiliate earning is to increase your blog visitor. There are different ways that can help you to blog visitor:

  • Write high-quality Bluehost reviews on your blog and use Bluehost Affiliate Link within the post. If you have a low blog domain authority, it would be hard to rank higher in the SERP, so always go for long tail keyword with low competition, it is easier to rank higher in the SERP which would lead to visitor read your article.
  • Share your article on different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to get visitor to your blog.
  • Add Bluehost banners on your blog. You can choose the free banners from Bluehost’s Affiliate Section and include Bluehost affiliate link in your articles as well (make sure that the link is no follow to avoid Google penalization).
  • Collect email address of your blog visitor, and send your newly written content to your email subscriber. It can lead to an increase in the number of blog visitor.
  • Reduce the loading speed of your blog; it is advisable for your blog to have a loading speed of less than 2 seconds. This helps your blog to load faster and increase blog page view.

To join Bluehost Affiliate program is quite easy and is one of the sure ways of making money online. Once your application is approved, find long tail keyword with low competition and rank higher so as to improve your blog visitor and thereby increasing your earning. Earning money from Bluehost is easy, join, approve, and start making money. I hope this article on How to make money with Bluehost Affiliate Program will help a fellow blogger in the quest on making money online.

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