How to Insulate Your Home

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How to Insulate Your Home

With rising energy costs, many households are considering ways in which they can save money by reducing their heating bills, this is why it is important that you insulate your home. Insulating your home is an important way to help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Insulation helps you keep the heat in during winter and keep it out during summer.

This should help keep your heating bills to a minimum because you won’t have to keep raising the temperature in the colder months or increasing the use of fans and air conditioning units when its hot outside. Insulation is also good for reducing noise pollution.

There are lots of ways to insulate your home and keep it warm during winter. Loft insulation is one popular option and although there will be an initial outlay, it should help you save money going forward. Loft insulation is essentially a barrier of material located between the joists in your loft, or in the rafters which support the roof.

The floor is another area of your home that you should consider, as lots of households lose heat through the floors (particularly in older houses where there is suspended flooring). You can add floor insulation to your property which is basically just a material that is placed beneath the floorboards and reduces that amount of heat that is lost into the ground.

Another affordable and quick way to insulate your home is to consider draught-proofing. Try to identify some of the areas in which heat is lost, such as the pipework that leads outside, your loft hatch or your windows and doors. Try to fill in these areas to prevent the heat from escaping. You could also consider swapping from single glazed windows to double glazing, which might be more expensive but will be worth it considering how much heat you will keep in. You could also update your curtains so that they are thicker and more thermal.

Following this guide will help you insulate your home without worrying about an increase in electricity bill.

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