Increase Blog Traffic through Guest Posting

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Increase blog traffic

Guest posting is a powerful traffic booster to increase blog traffic through organic search as a result of increase in blog domain authority.

But you need to know how to do it effectively to drive traffic to your blog.

I see guest blogging to be the ultimate time saver. Versus trying to force traffic through your blog solely with a high volume approach you guest post on blogs in your niche and see a steady flow of traffic find your blog.

Guest posting leverages your presence quickly. Imagine writing posts for new, targeted, large, loyal audiences all across your niche. Talk about a big traffic increase, eh?

Note: guest posting is never a waste of time. Do not get sucked in to negative, failing blogger lines of thinking. Fools spread rumors based on a mentally and physically lazy blogger’s experience of seeing no tangible results after publishing one guest post. Good things take time.

Follow these tips to increase blog traffic through guest posting.

1: Write 500-1000 Words Daily Offline for Practice


I betcha you never read a guest post traffic driving blog leading off with writing practice. But after placing thousands of posts over the years, I assure you, practicing your writing daily is the simple way to score guesties and to increase blog traffic through this channel.

Two-pronged approach here guys: skilled writers get invited to guest post frequently and skilled writers inspire readers to click links and visit blogs.

Open a Word document. Write 500-1000 words every single day. Trash the document. Gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice. Be a clear, focused blogger who lands guest posts and drives traffic through your writing skills.

2: Make Friends with Bloggers

I received roughly 50 invites to guest post on blogs after asking my blogger friend network if they wanted me to write a guest post for them.

I built a large, loyal blogger buddy network by commenting genuinely on blogs, by promoting other bloggers on social media and by promoting bloggers on my blog.

Be generous. Be genuine. Enjoy helping people. Have fun serving bloggers. Expect nothing. Ask for nothing. Allow bonds to grow organically.

Blogging buddies quickly and gratefully take you up on guest post offers. Plus you do not need to pitch anybody to land guesties left and right.

3: Stick to Your Niche

Although I go off niche sometimes I stick to my blogging niche most times.


Driving targeted, interested traffic makes sense. Driving non-targeted, uninterested traffic makes zero sense.

Guest post mainly on blogs from your niche. Specialize. Target. Make friends with people in your niche. Guest post intelligently to spend time effectively.

4: Solve Common Problems

Guaranteed; every single blogger in human history wants more blog traffic.

Teaching bloggers how to increase blog traffic through guest posts is a common, pressing problem that inspires readers to read the post, share the post and click my link to visit my blog.

Ponder problems in the blogger’s niche. What do people need help with? Cover common problems to increase blog traffic flow to your blog.

5: Do Not Give Up

Even with my large, loyal friend network, after an initial surge of guest posting invites I spotted a few lulls in invitations.

Do not stop asking people if they want you to write a guest post for them. Be persistent, relaxed, calm and confident. Bloggers will respond and you will get your increase blog traffic through guest posting.

Have you experience increase blog traffic after guest posting? What is your preferred method of reaching out for blogger collaboration? Let us know in the comments section below! Happy guest posting!


6 thoughts on “Increase Blog Traffic through Guest Posting”

  1. I literally only talked about guest-posting yesterday. This is so helpful and I love the writing practice tip, it would definitely help with confidence! Thanks for sharing this!! 🙂

  2. Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic, engage with different bloggers, and expose to a broader audience.

    Thank you for sharing this post!


  3. Thankyou. I really want to start guest blogging, but I am still developing the content on my own blog. I appreciate the tips and advice. I have only joined one blogger network. Trying to get more organized so I can participate in more blogging network groups and maybe collaberate with other bloggers at some point.

  4. This is really helpful.. I’ve wanted to guest post myself but didn’t know the benefit of it so thank you for this post !


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