How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Youtube

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Researching on YouTube give YouTuber the opportunity to find low competition keywords for their Youtube channel. By finding this low competitive keywords, your video get more view which would help your channel in the long run.

YouTube is like blogging, you need to do a comprehensive keyword research before you record your next video. In this article we are going to look at how to find low competition keywords for youtube.

What Is Keyword Research?
Keyword research gives you the opportunity to find the perfect keyword for your next video. With so many vlogger on YouTube, you need to carry out a thorough keyword research before recording your next video.

A video without comprehensive keyword research would be difficult to rank in YouTube first page when people search for query related to your video.

Though, it is hard for vlogger to rank in the first page of YouTube due to high level of competition, this is why you need to carry out your keyword research.

What Is Low Competition Keyword On YouTube?
One word keywords are very difficult to rank for due to the high level of competition. A lot of video ranking for these type of keywords are high quality and attract high traffic every day.
To drive traffic to your videos, you need to target long tail keywords on YouTube with low competition. Within a few days of uploading your video, the chance of appearing at the very first page on YouTube is very high.

Targeting YouTube by uploading video with low competition would drive traffic to your video channel, thereby increasing your chance of making money from your videos through advertisement, sponsored post, affiliate marketing and products review.

How To Optimise Your Video For YouTube Algorithm

If you want your video to been seen by other youtuber, you need to optimise your video for YouTube algorithm. Think of YouTube like Google, where you need to follow Google guideline if you want your blog to rank on Google.
YouTube is a search engine like Google, and youtubers have taken advantage by optimising their video following YouTube guideline.

  • Upload new video because YouTube and user prefer new content over old content. If you search for a video and the timestamp of video A shows that it was upload a week ago while video B was uploaded three months ago, you will prefer the latest video. A new video shows that your channel is still active compare to other dormant YouTube channel.
  • User Signal – Youtube uses user signal to determine whether the video is high quality or not. A video with high user signal (comment and shares) would rank higher if the video is properly seo.
  • Metadata – This is the part where you have control of what your video is all about. You will inform YouTube what your video is all about by adding low competitive YouTube keywords in your title, description, tags and annotation. This is crucial to the success of your video.

Proper seo can make a difference on YouTube as it determine whether YouTube know what your video is all about.

Carry out your keyword research before recording your video because it would help when you are adding your keyword to your video title, description, tags, and annotation.

How To Find Low Competition Keywords For YouTube
Now let go and find low competition keywords for YouTube video.

  • YouTube Auto Suggestion

YouTube auto suggestion gives long tail keywords that you can use for your next video. You can finish your keyword research within two minutes using YouTube auto suggest.

  • Have a seed keyword in mind usually one word that you want to create your video for.
  • Go to YouTube, and enter your seed keyword.
  • YouTube would bring out a list of keyword suggestion that you can use for video. Have it in mind that the keywords that YouTube suggest for you, are from other user search history.
  • From the list of keyword suggested by YouTube, target long tail keywords usually (three to five words) because they have low competition.

Following this step, you can found thousands of long tail keywords using YouTube suggestion.

  • Competitor Research

Competitor research help you to find thousand of keywords that your competitor is ranking for. This tactic is usually use by bloggers to find out their competitor keywords using tools like Semrush, Moz, and ahrefs.
But Youtuber can also use this tactics to also find low competitive keywords.

  • Go to YouTube on your phone or computer and head over to your competitor video channel( you should stick with niche based competitor with years of running their video channel)
  • Use the filter to find out their most popular video.
  • Look at the video meta data for ideas on how to optimise your video. Following their steps would help your video to rank.
  • Use the title of their most popular video to have an idea about what your next video will be like. Since these videos is receiving thousands of visitor per month, it means that people are searching for this particular query a lot and you can create new video related to these title or use YouTube suggest for new ideas.
  • Keyword Research For YouTube Using Vid IQ

Vid IQ is a tool that let you know the actual search volume on YouTube for every keywords. Using this tool, would eliminate hours of manual research and gives you low competitive YouTube keyword with high traffic volume per month.

  • Go ahead and install Vid IQ extension on your Google chrome.
  • Make a list of keywords that you get from YouTube research and competitor research in a notepad.
  • Add a keyword to Vid IQ extension to get the YouTube keyword competition and search volume.
  • Carry out your keywords research using Video IQ until you get keywords that have low competition with high search volume.
  • Using Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a premium tool that bloggers love to use to find long tail keyword with low competition. The tool is not only limited to blogger but vlogger can also use this tool to also find YouTube keywords within few minutes. Once you subscribe to their monthly plan, you can carry out your keyword research for YouTube.

Other tool for your YouTube keywords research include tubebuddy, keyword everywhere, and Google trend.

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