How To Earn Money From Telegram Channel

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Telegram is one of the best instant messaging application that you can run on your smartphone and laptop. The cool features that is embedded on telegram, makes it ideal competition for Whatsapp.

But telegram is not only for sending message to your friends and followers, you can also use telegram to make money online every month. This is why this article who focus on how to earn money from telegram channel.

One major point that you have to keep in mind when using telegram is the fact that the application is not limited to instant messaging that is associated with Whatsapp.

Telegram = Whatsapp + Cool Features that you would need.

What You Can Use Telegram For
In case you don’t know what you can use telegram for, I will list out different things that you can do on telegram.

  • Send and receive instant message
  • Send and receive document like video, pictures, music and so on
  • Download files
  • Connect with like minded people on telegram channel

What Is Telegram Channel?
Just like YouTube where each individual can create YouTube channel, Telegram also gives you the opportunity to create your own individual telegram channel.

It is through this channel that you can make cool money from telegram. People can join your telegram channel by searching for your telegram channel username or you can add your friends and family to your channel.

The best part of telegram channel is that it allow you to have high number of people following your channel. This really help when you want to monetise your telegram channel because the more people you have, the higher the amount of money you make per month from your channel.

Bloggers can also join other telegram channels to know more about blogging, share blogging tips, advise new bloggers and find high paying sponsored post.

Benefits Of Using Telegram Channel For Bloggers
There are so many benefits that you can derive from using telegram channel as a bloggers for your content marketing campaign.

  • Your phone number is not needed to join any channel. Other people can also find your channel using your username, that way you are protected from scammers which is not possible with whatsapp group.
  • Your telegram channel members is not restricted.
  • You can create telegram channnel bot to run your telegram channel, reducing the time you would have used running this channel manually.
  • Drive traffic to your blog by sending your new article link to your telegram channel. You can also add telegram social button on your blog, so that your reader can also share your article to their channel.
  • Create a proxy connection using VPN to remain anonymous and safe from hacker.

How To Earn Money From Telegram Channel
Let us know look at how to make money from telegram channel. We shall look at proven ways that people and blogger use in making money from their telegram channel.

You should avoid Multi Level Marketing ( MLM) scam that promise quick cash for doing little. Most scammer use this application to perpetrate their act because of telegram feature that allow user to be anonymous.

  • Earn Money From Your Blog

You can making money from telegram, if you can drive quality traffic to your blog using your channel. The more visitor your blog have, the higher your monthly revenue.

One of the easiest way of making money online is through blogging and with telegram your blog traffic would pick up, giving chance to make money from advertisement, affiliate marketing, sponsored post and selling your own products.
The best part of having your blog, is that you could sell them when you are in need of money on flippa.

  • Selling Your Telegram Channel

A lot of people are interested in buying channel with high followers. If you don’t have passion for blogging, you can consider this way as a way of making few bucks per month.

  • Sponsorship

Once you have a steady number of followers, with high engagement rate, you can start looking for brand interested in sponsorship. This is similar to Instagram sponsored post and you can make money from this.

  • Affiliate Marketing

There are some affiliate program that allow you to promote their offer on social media sites and earn money doing that. With your channel, you can start promoting this type of offer to your follower and when they purchase a products through your link, you get a percentage.

  • Link Shortner

Link shorter is another way that you can make money on telegram. When you add a link to a link shorter, it create a different link leading to the same address. When user click on your shorten link it leads to a new page before redirecting them back to the original page.

The more people visit your shorten link, the more money you make.

Telegram can be use to make money every month. With telegram channel, you can learn new thing every day depending on your interest.

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