How To Create Viral Pins Using Fancy Fonts

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If you really want to stand out on Pinterest and drive high-quality traffic to your blog, you need to create viral pins using fancy fonts that is guaranteed to get lots of impression and clicks. Fancy fonts are stylish and easy to read, which help to improve your pin design.

High-quality pin improves your chance of ranking higher for Pinterest search for keywords.

What Are Viral Pins?

Viral pins are pins with a lot of impressions and clicks. A single pin can drive more than one thousand people to your blog when it goes viral.

There is no metrics to judge whether your pins is going viral or not before Pinterest used to inform content creator of pin that is going viral but now, you can only check your Pinterest Analytics or Google Analytics.

Viral Pins With High Impression And Low Click

There are so many factors that can cause your viral pins to have a high impression and low click. What matters to bloggers is the number of visitors that Pinterest drives to our blog and not the impression on pins.

Factors that can affect pin click-through rate includes:

  • Not adding call to action (CTA) words to your pin design can affect the click-through rate of your pin. Call to action words trigger people to click on your pin.
  • Using fonts that are difficult for people to see. There are a lot of fonts free to use in the market, that will improve your pin design greatly. Make sure that the fonts you use is legible and stylish to capture your viewers attention.
  • Depending on the niche, there are pins that will give you a high impression but low click especially in the home decoration niche.

How To Create Viral Pins That Get Massive Click

If you want to stand out on Pinterest, you need to read this part carefully, as I will be sharing with you my secret formula on how to create viral pins that get massive click.

  • Keyword Research

The very first step to take before creating your pin is to do your Pinterest keyword research. Pinterest search gives you tons of keywords that you can use.
Once you find the perfect keywords to use, the next step is to optimize your account and pins

  • Profile and Board Keyword Optimization

Pinterest account with proper keyword optimization has a higher chance of getting viral pins. Pinterest works like Google, and you need to know where to add keywords on your Pinterest account.

  1. Optimize your Pinterest profile with proper keyword description.
  2. Create 5 – 10 personal Pinterest board around your blogging niche and add your preferred keywords in the title and description.
  3. Optimize your old Pinterest board by adding keywords to your board title and description.
  • Paid Stock Photos

Paid stock photos are not that common on Pinterest compare to free stock photos that are very common. Pinterest use image search to classify pin, and pins with free stock photo have low impression and click-through rate.

  • Easy to read and fancy fonts

Use easy to read and fancy fonts on your pin design to tell the viewer what your pin is all about. Make sure that you stick to 2 – 3 fonts on your pin design.

  • Add Call To Action (CTA) to your pin

Call to action words trigger the viewer to click on your pin, thereby driving traffic to your blog. Pin design without call to action words will have high impression and low click-through rate.

  • Optimize Your Pin

Another critical factor that affect your pin performance is pin optimization.
A properly optimize pin will have:

  1. The pin file name containing the keywords. Instead of image001.png, the correct file name should be keywords.png.
  2. The pin title and description containing the keywords.
  3. The pin be saved to the most appropriate board.

How To Create Viral Pins Using Fancy Fonts

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