How To Create Logo On Canva

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HOW TO CREATE LOGO ON CANVACreating a logo for your blog is very difficult for new blogger who wants to create their logo and they don’t have money to pay graphics designer. Even if you have well-written content, the first impression visitor gets when they visit your blog is your logo. This article will focus on how to create logo on canva within few minutes free of charge.

If you don’t have any professional experience in graphics design, creating logo tend to be very difficult, the logo looks outdated and poorly design. The amount of time spent designing the logo would serve a lot better in improving your blog design and writing better content for your readers. Look at different companies and their logo and one thing that is common is that they always stand out, pass meaningful information about the companies to the general populace and pleasing to the eyes.

I can’t forget the very first time that I created logo using Adobe Photoshop, the logo was poorly designed that I have to look for better option online before I outsource the logo design on Fiverr because the project was urgent for some money.

During my research online, I found a very useful tool that I can use to create logo, banner, and other design related for my blog. The tool is called Canva.

The article would focus on how to create a perfect logo for your blog without spending a dime; I have been using Canva to create logo with no graphics design experience, you can check out the logo of my blog, I use Canva to create the logo and it looks great, this means that you can create your logo and people will love them on Canva.

What is logo?

Logo is a symbol, letter, or design which organizations use in order for people to identify the products, service, and brand in the market. There are millions of logo all over the world which signify different meaning for each organization, Think of your blog as a business firm where you help people by solving their basic problem depending on the blog niche that you focus on, you need to have a very clear and well design logo for visitor to see when they visit your blog.

Your logo is not limited to your blog design as you will use it promoting your blog on different social media platform and also your online presence and offline advertising, this is why you need to have a well design logo, which you can do for free on Canva.

There are different methods that you can use to create your logo for your blog:

  • Outsource the design to graphics designer, if you don’t have one, you check Fiverr out and look for a designer with a positive rating and check their previous work, if you like them you can contact the designer and explain your idea to them.
  • Design it by yourself on Adobe Photoshop or graphics editing software, you need to have intermediate knowledge of this software before you can create your logo if you don’t have prior working knowledge of this software, don’t bother using it as the logo would turn out
  • Do it yourself for free on Canva is the last option, though there are different website that you can use to create your logo online, but canva is the best.


This tutorial will focus on Canva because it is free and you can be through within 5 minutes which is really impressive because you don’t need to have prior experience before you can use Canva to create logo.

  • The first step to type is your computer browser; you can only access their full feature when you used your computer instead of your phone. You then need to create an account with them using your email or your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
  • Once sign up, you get to access the homepage where you will need to choose the work you want to do. Since we are creating logo, look for where the logo section and clicked on it.
  • If you don’t have any idea about the logo that you want to create, you can look at other people logo that they create on Canva and edit their work instead of starting from the scratch. You do this by removing some unwanted part from the logo and replacing it with your ideas.
  • Canva let you upload pictures from your computer if you want to use your pictures during the logo design; you can upload the pictures or look for both free and paid stock pictures in the templates if you need the picture when creating your logo.
  • After you finish creating your logo, then the next step is to download the logo to your computer. Canva asks if you want your newly created logo to be visible to another user who wants to create their logo if you don’t want people to know that you use Canva to design your logo for free just clicked no and download your logo.


There are different graphic designs that you can create on Canva and you don’t have to pay anyone as it is free and easy. if you are planning to start your blog today and you don’t have money to spend on graphics designer to create your logo, you can try Canva out for yourself, even if you don’t have a blog yet, you can start by creating different logos, and one day when you are ready to start your blog, creating logo won’t be too hard for you.




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