How to create about me page of your blog

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If there is one thing most blogger forget when creating their blog is the about me page. Some write two lines about what there blog is all about. While other completely forget about me page of their blog. In this article I will show you quick steps to write the perfect about me page of your blog.

A quick look at Google search console, will show you that the about me page of your blog will be at the first three position when you search for your blog.

Go head and try and search for your blog make sure that you search for the domain name instead of the blog name. You will discover that you about me page rank very high in the search engine compare to other post. If you blog is new, it would take some time before your blog appears in the search engine. Give it some days and check again. You will discover the accurate position of your about me page.

Now that you have check the search engine, what do you think you gain when you create a perfect about me page.

  • You tell your reader what your blog is all about.
  • Increase your blog exposure to brand that can collaborate with you.
  • It makes your blog stand out from the crowd which is crucial in blogging.
  • Search engine will be able to understand your blog better. Black hat seo use private blog network (pbn) and the blog don’t have about me and contact me page.

8 About me page tips for blogger

I hope by know that you have understand the great importance of about me page. The next step is to understand and implement tips to make your blog stand out.

1. Use this simple about me page template
What is very easy for your reader to understand your blog is to use a simple about me page template on your blog. The about me page template that you choose to use should be able to understand and include fact about your blog to increase your blog email subscriber and retention of reader on your blog.

2. Include Call to Action (CTA) on your about me page

Call to action when include in your about me page can help your blog tremendously. The CTA should be added in the main part of your blog and make it stand out so that your reader can see it clearly.

3. Show your reader what they will gain

Readers on your blog are looking for solution for their problem or what to know more about a particular subject. No reader will visit your blog if they won’t gain from your blog.

Your about me page template can be like this:
My blog help new parent and expecting mothers how to cope with challenge of parenting and motherhood. Articles are crafted with expert advise from nurses and doctor to give you them best advise in parenting.

4. Make first impression

With more blog coming up, your blog should stand out from the rest. A quick introduction of what your blog is all about and the benefit that your reader will get from your blog.
To make your blog stand out you can implement some changes like:

  • Use a professional email address.
  • Install a paid theme instead of free theme.
  • Install SSL certificate on your make to make your make secured.

5. Show your credibility to your reader

About me page is the perfect place for you to show off to your qualification and experience to your reader. This makes you an authority in your blog niche and brings about high engagement with your user.
You can add the following in your about me page to make you an authority.

  • Academic background like degree or certificate
  • Work experience
  • Previous experience with your reader about your blog
  • Features in local news in your community and high authority sites in your blog niche.

6. Add Award and Recognition

This can be very difficult for newbie in blogging to get any award or recognize for their work. But if you manage to be nominated for an award and you eventually won add the award to the about me page of your blog.

  • Winner of scared writer award 2018
  • Runner-up food blogger of 2019

You can use the above example in your about me page. Another easy way of creating a perfect about me page is to look for feature in established and high authority blog in your niche. Or appearing in local TV and radio.

7. Success Stories
Reach out to your blog subscriber about the positive experience from your blog.
Your about me page template will look this

Blog name has help me in loosing weight. When I join I was struggling to loose weight and lose interest. But now my journey into weight loss is remarkable.

A blog about weight loss or fitness can use the above about me page template and customise it to suit their blog. The above me page focus on individual experience when they start reading the blog and can motivate other reader to subscribe to your blog and increase your engagement rate.

Big companies use success stories of their customers to show new customer the benefits they will derive from using their products. And you can also use the strategy on your blog as well to increase your engagement.

8. Make it personal

Blogger focus on ranking for keywords that they overstuff keywords in their page and post. This can beat the search engine bots but reader experience will be awful. By connecting with your reader you create a bond that can lead to brand exposure and blog revenue. Your customers will trust you and your products or affiliate products will sell.

The about me page should be filled with what your blog is all about and make sure that you connect with your reader.

You can even rank for long tail keyword but make sure that you are not overstuffing keywords in your about me page.

The about me page should be careful written, you can use any about me page template in your blog.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I recently started a new blog, and my About Me page could probably use a revamp. I appreciate the tips.


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