How to change WordPress default email address

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How to change WordPress default email address

WordPress is one of the largest cms in the market, you can use WordPress to create any type of website or blog. WordPress comes with free plugins and theme to customize your website to your taste.

If you are interested in creating your site, WordPress is simply the best.

Most new user want to change their default email address they use when they are creating their account. In this tutorial, I would show you how to change your email address to your preferred email address.

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You can simply change default email address to your preferred e-mail address in WordPress,by simply pasting the below code in your WordPress theme function.php file.
// Change The Default WordPress Email Address
add_filter( ‘wp_mail_from’ , ‘new_mail_from’ );
add_filter( ‘wp_mail_from_name’ , ‘new_mail_from_name’ );
function new_mail_from ($old)
return ‘[email protected]’ ;
function new_mail_from_name ($old)
return ‘Your Name’ ;
Replace the email address and name with your name and preferred email address.

To access your WordPress theme function.php file

  • Login to Your Website Admin. This is the back end of your website where you can make changes, post new content, install plugins and so on. In this case, we are going to upload code to change the default email address.
  • From the dashboard, scroll down to Appearance. The dashboard is in the right hand side of your WordPress back end.
  • Click on Editor.
  • Find Theme Function on right side of code editor and open it.
  • Copy above code and paste the code here.
  • Change the email address to your preferred email address. Your email like [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Depending on your WordPress hosting service that you use. You can create many email address as you like. Make sure that you check with your hosting service provider.
  • Update Your Website Name and click on Update Button.
  • Your new email address becomes the default email address of your website.

Following this tutorial will make it easier for both new and existing WordPress user to change their default email address.

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