How to buy low ad from Facebook

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buy low adFacebook is the largest social media sites and as a result one of the best platform that digital marketer used in creating a marketing campaign to increase their customer business exposure and goal. The goal of every digital marketing is to buy low ad from Facebook and other social media site but the problem is that you need to be a professional digital marketer before you can buy low ad.

Back in the day, you can create your Facebook business page and post your image and article on your timeline and Facebook would increase the page view on the post. But with the introduction of Facebook business, your post won’t reach many people as it use to do before, this means that you have to find professional digital marketer to create your marketing campaign. What Facebook wants is just to get money from you before showing your post to their user.

Social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram also have their business account where you pay before they increase your post exposure.

In this article, I would show five tips to buy low ad from Facebook, if you implement this tips on your next campaign you would discover they you are spending few money and achieving your goal.

5 Tips to Buy Low Ad from Facebook

Your Facebook ad cost depends on your audience, interest, location, gender, age, this means that no two campaigns are the same, but you should be able to get the best out from Facebook ads.

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  1. Be Specific

If you want to avoid targeting Facebook user who is not interested in your product or service that you are advertising and are less likely to interact with your ads, you need to be more specific. Narrow down your audience by targeting people who are more likely to need your product.

You can reduce the marketing cost when you are specific; your targeted audience should be narrow down to the range of age, gender, location, and interest to increase the click-through rate of your campaign.

  1. Look for audience overlap

You can use Facebook Audience Overlap tool to check if your audience overlap or not. When your audience is overlapping you must avoid one of the targeted audiences to avoid retargeting of existing audience.

For example, if you are running a marketing campaign about beauty products and the audience interest you are targeting is beauty and makeup. Using Facebook Audience Overlap Tool who show that the tool interests are mutually overlapping and is better for you to target one interest.

  1. Set Up Facebook Pixel on your website

Facebook pixel allows you to collect data from Facebook visitor. You can install Facebook Pixel by adding code to your website header tag or you can install Yoast SEO and add Facebook Pixel.

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Facebook Pixel provides you with visitor data and you can use this detailed data when setting up new campaign.

You can look at the visitor data would interact well with your website by signing up for your email newsletter or make a purchase. This visitor data would help you when you are setting up your next campaign and you are sure that your Facebook advertisement would work.

  1. Include Image and Video

Image and video are more likely to be click rather than a few write up. Make sure that your image and video is top notch to make it more shareable and watch as Facebook user share your post thereby increasing your impression and click.

Facebook values video and image in a post because it generates more shares and impression and this lower the CPC of your ad. You can buy low ad from Facebook using this tips, make sure that the image and video from your post is free to use with no copyright issue and is visually compelling.

  1. Split Testing

By using different combination in your Ad, your ad impression, view, and click-through rate would differ and this gives you the opportunity to find a marketing campaign that gives a faster result for low price.

When you find the best ad test it can affect the total return on investment of your marketing campaign which every business owner crave for.

To buy low ad from Facebook is easy, you need to implement these tips when setting up your marketing campaign on Facebook.






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