Helping Your Child Become More Empathetic

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Helping Your Child Become More Empathetic

Empathy is the act of being able to understand each other’s feelings and also being able to recognise what you can do to help others. It can be a lengthy process for some to comprehend, but from a young age you can help this along by guiding them through a range of different methods.

Talk about feelings

A child should be able to recognise different emotions and feelings when they come across them, and more so as they develop awareness. This is where you can talk openly about lots of different thoughts and feelings to help your child recognise what each one is and what they tell them about other people.

Have open conversations

These can be as varied and as in-depth as you can make them. At a young age there may not be a lot you can explain to your child just yet, but what is important is maintaining good rapport with your child. This will be greatly helped along by the things they will be learning in school. The best private schools in London are an example of schools that will help your child understand lots of different independent thoughts that they can use in conversations.

Read stories that show feeling

Lots of stories will express feelings and emotions that will be, at first, unusual for your child. But as they start to recognise these emotions they’re going to be a lot more accepting of change, resilience and ways to try and solve problems, among other things. Read lots of books that will help your child pick up the act of being empathetic.

Ask what your child is feeling

Pose the question “how does that make you feel?” often. This helps children take a step back and address their feelings. And it also helps your child better learn to identify new and emerging feelings they haven’t experienced before. You can then work together on figuring out what these emotions mean and how they can help your child support others.

Following these guide will help you child be more empathetic. You can incorporate this guide in your day to day activities.







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