Helping Your Child Become a Better Problem Solver

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Helping Your Child Become a Better Problem Solver

Years of knowledge, experience, and hindsight is what helps adults overcome challenges, but children often need a little helping hand. Parents can help their children become better problem solver, using the following tips from this pre-school in Lincoln.

  • Help Your Child Identify Emotions

If your child understands what they’re feeling, when they’re feeling it, they will become better at handling difficult emotions. For instance, they may be feeling frustrated whilst doing their homework, in which case you could encourage them to take a short break to calm down and come back to it later. By pointing out your child’s emotions as and when they experience them, and teaching them coping mechanism, you will help them become better at solving problems.

  • Embrace Your Child’s Failings

There will be times when your child tackles an issue on their own and it doesn’t go to plan. That’s perfectly ok. Try not to be hard on them or display disappointment when they fail, or something doesn’t work out the way they had hoped. Instead, remind them that everyone fails sometimes, even as adults, and the best thing they can do is learn from where they went wrong.

  • Be Patient with Your Child

Becoming a great problem solver isn’t something that happens overnight. With this in mind, try to be patient with your child. Give them the chance to learn how to solve different problems; it may take multiple tries before they get it right. Provide constructive feedback where you can and create an environment where trial and error is a positive, not a negative.

  • Praise Your Child’s Effort

When you see your child trying to overcome a problem, be sure to praise them, even if it doesn’t work out. A positive reaction will encourage them to keep trying, so let them know you are proud of them for trying their best.

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