Finding The Perfect Domain Name For Start up

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Are your thinking of starting your own start up, and in the stage of finding the Perfect domain name for startup, or you are just passing through.How to find the perfect domain name for start up

Finding the right domain name is the most important part in starting your new business whether it is a beauty spa, music studio or e-commerce store. There is a right domain for you, your business and your brand. Think of your domain name as the first impression, new customer and visitor see when they visit your website.

Having a right domain name has a positive impact on your business and your online presence as it directs them easily to your website thereby increasing your chance of converting the visitor to new customer.

In this article, I would focus on different steps to find perfect domain name for your start up or small business, following this step can help to prevent future problem as a result of low or no ranking at all on search engine especially Google.

New business or existing business that wants to create website and have online presence should focus on acquiring domain name related to the business. A real estate start up should focus on having common keyword related to real estate and or if you have a location in mind the city or town should be include in the domain name.


What is Domain Name?
Domain name is the address that your visitor or new client type on the browser in order to access your website or blog. Think of your website as newly built house in a vast estate full of different building, to let your friend visit you they have to know your address and input the address to Google map to find the direction to your house.

Domain name can be of any letter, number, or hyphen and is used in conjunction with domain extension. There are over 1000 domain extension, the common domain used are com, net, org, or biz.
Com extension domain is the most sought after domain extension in the market. According to namebio, domain with domain extension of com are sold faster when compare with net, org or biz.
What these mean is that, when you want to acquire domain for your business, or personal blog ensure that the domain extension is com.

Six Step to Take When Choosing a Domain name for your startup
If your dream is to have a domain name like,, or for your business. There are six important step that you must take before buying to avoid future problems. I have list the six steps that you must take before buying your dream domain name, ensure that you follow the step one by one.

Always buy com extension domain name
Com domain is the most popular domain extension in the market; an average visitor is likely to type com extension instead of org, net, or biz. It is why most big companies like Uber, Taxify, or Microsoft use com extension.

New trend in the start up business is the use of service extension domain like .tech, .agency, .tv and so on. This is because the domain name they have in mind is already registered and used by a big companies or being offered for a huge sum of money on domain name marketplace like flippa, afternic, undeveloped and so on. The reason I don’t like this trend is that it often require huge sum of money to advertise both offline and online to change human perspective and mindset.
If your preferred domain name is already being used by an existing business in the same field, it is better to find another domain name to buy instead of buying other domain extension.

The shorter the better
Buying domain name that is shorter is always easier to remember to client and prospective customer. Nobody will type in the domain name like in the browser as it is longer and to remember.

Back in the days, buying exact match domain is one of the faster way to rank to new website in Google search console until Google decide to change their search algorithm.
When you want to buy a new domain name for your start up, make sure that it is shorter so that new visitor can remember it easy and is pronounceable. You can pronounce the domain name that you want to buy and ask your friend if they can spell it without error.

Avoid number and hyphen at all cost
Imagine someone told you about a business firm whose domain name that contains hyphen or number for example or There is high chance that you won’t bother visit the website even if they have an amazing website. To avoid losing your customers, do not buy domain name with number and hyphen.

Positive Domain Name
Positive domain name has a way of making your customer have a rest of mind when conducting business with you. Domain name should contain dictionary word that has meaning related to your business.

Research trademark and blacklisted Domains
It is very important to check your domain if they are free from trademark disputes, or if they are blacklisted by Google. Buying a blacklisted domain by Google would affect your search engine traffic and this would definitely have a negative impact on your business and online presence.
If you want to check if your domain is blacklisted or not visit check out this article by woorkup and visit USPTO to check if your domain has trademark issue or not.

Social Media Username
Social media username help in improving your online presence, having an exact social media username as the name of your website make you stand out and unique. This help your business as new and existing customer can easily identify with your brand online.

A lot of website that use wrong domain name, quickly find better domain name for their business because some of the domain name are blacklisted by Google or have trademark issue. If you follow the step outline above, I am sure that you will find the perfect domain name for your start up.

Do you have any steps that you follow when looking for the Perfect domain name for start up, let me know in the comment box below.

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  1. Great tips – especially the one about checking social media usernames. This is one that I’ve seen many companies come up against in my work as a social media marketing consultant. They don’t think ahead about whether or not someone is already using the name of choice on social media until after, when the site is created, the logo is done and they are trying to roll with it. As a result, it makes their efforts to build an easy to find social media presence more challenging.


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